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The Great Quests
And so the gods of Alamaze met in divine congress. After the usual round of drinks and appetizers, they got down to business.

"Forsooth," sayeth Ry Vor, god of Magic. "We have here many items of mickle power, that should not be allowed to fall into mortal hands. We must find a place to hide them away. We must find somewhere within the Land of Alamaze where they will be safe."

"Why does it have to be within the land?" spake the God of Wisdom. "We are gods, after all. We could stick them on a moon somewhere, or launch them into space, or.."

"Look, it's got to be somewhere in Alamaze," Ry Vor said. "Even as gods, we must bow to the laws of Necessity. In this case, the Law of Playability."

"Ah yes, that is true," responded the Wise One. "So where then shall we place them?"

"A conundrum indeed."



"I know," spake the Wise One. "Let's stick them in Nyvaria. Nobody would ever think to look for them there."

"Sounds like a plan."

And so they did.

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I had an agent find 3 artifacts in four squares once- but not all big ones.
Cute.  This is in Stage Two:

Stage 2

Setup – Artifacts:
·        36 Fine, 18 Excellent, 9 Superior, 4 Quest, 8 Enigma
·        Fair distribution as: Each region has minimum 2 Fine sightings, other Fine random. No region more than 4 Fine sightings.  Four to six Fine artifacts should be Armor.
·        Each region has minimum 1 Excellent sighting, other 6 random with no region more than 2.
·        Each capital region (e.g., Triumvia) has one Superior, rest random with no region more than 1.
·        Quest random with no region more than 1.
·        Enigma random with no region more than 1

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