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Do you ever feel like you are picking on a player?
And it turns out to be true?

Just kidding- you look at the map, make a plan, and choose a victim(s). Then you happen to notice the player was the one you crushed (or crushed you) last game.

I look at it like the Supreme Court. Every case is new. Every game is new. Someone said they don't look at the player name, and I haven't gotten there yet.

I'd say the only thing I'd carry from game to game is if a legitimate deal (as per the diplomacy rules of that game) was broken. Then I likely would not deal with that person in the future.

It's fun to get a sense of other players' styles over time. I still feel like a new player, but any of you are welcome to attack me early late or middle- no hard feelings (Vball ground my Gnomes into rockdust on turn 3? Maybe 5). I had one a few games ago where I thought whoever it was was a vet and it turned out they were game 3 or something (longer on the site but me but fewer games) and I felt like a douche. Oh well.

Good luck everyone.

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