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How Do You Clear Out 'Bad' Orders?
Once in a blue moon, I get a weird crossover where I am on one kingdom (say Elves) but somehow the Emissaries, Agents, Groups and Mages are loaded from a different kingdom (say Dwarves). And if I have accidentally given an order for one of the 'wrong' people, say a Dwarf count, I can't then undo the order and it's showing as counting against my limit. How do you clear out the 'bad' orders so you can have all you are supposed to?
That sort of thing happens when server lag prevents fully loading the new (other) kingdom in the web pages and stored memory. What I do is logout (by closing the browser), start up another browser, head over to the home order page but do NOT click on the Load Orders button. Then hit Save Orders. That will clear out ALL orders in the previous save with no new orders since you didn't load the previous ones nor create any new ones when visiting the site again.
Thanks. That worked.

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