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Confed Masters
             Victory By Team (7 Regions) Is The Druid Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-28  Grand Total

          1     DU     Senior Tactician          36,900      47,968
          2     UN     Senior Tactician          13,522      19,990
          3     RA     Holding For Player        15,155      25,633
          4     NE     Holding For Player         6,190      13,098

Everyone seemed to get pretty bored of this game and quit as soon as their win chances got too low.  I will nevertheless brag repeatedly, verbosely, and endlessly.  Thanks to a renowned group of opponents: Painted, Draugr, Brek, DuPont and Vball truly making this a "Confed Masters" game as titled by The Painted Man.  Analysis to follow.
Confed Masters.

I was eager to pit myself against such an impressive array of players, in this, my very first Confed game. Ending up with the UN in Crown Islands, and the DU in Krynn, I seemed to be in immediate opposition to DuPont's WA in Triumvia and his DE in Darkover. But with the Kingdoms and locations I ended up with, I decided to take a long view of the game and put myself in a position to stop others from winning, rather than try for a quick win myself.

From the beginning I had some ideas specific to the UN and DU which I could use to achieve that goal. With the DU kingdom ability that gives a L4 recon of each PC each turn, I decided to delegate the task of capturing PCs entirely to the DU. The UN would protect PCs from political actions while at the same time removing agents, allowing my politicians to act freely.

The UN capitol, hidden, was in the east of the Crown Islands, perfect for assaulting DuPont, while the DU capitol, in the south of Krynn, would be perfect for attacking Painted and Draugr. During the first 10 turns of the game, I moved the DU capitol to the water city in Crown, and captured the DU hidden town in the south of Krynn with the UN, giving the UN two hidden bases, between which I would relocate the UN capitol, and her many agents, multiple times during the course of the game. With the UN, I maxed out the agent train cost. I hired, on average, an agent every other turn or so, utilized rapid train, then tried as much as possible to raise agents on low level targets, often sabotaging my own PCs early in the game, in order to avoid causing trouble on opponents too early. All UN wizards (8 total after ESO) went only to level 2 and 3 for recons and sleeps. The UN military was completely ignored, and the politicians received little attention.

With the DU I gathered my starting forces and started training immediately for an elite unit to be able to hire Mammoths and Hill Giants. By about turn 14 or so, I had four very nice identical division sized groups consisting of one druid, two hill giants and two mammoths, each with a power 5 and 4, able to teleport invisible. Not to mention 20% fear and very tough, able to take a city after a couple of promotions. These four groups fought well over 30 PC battles over about 12 turns and did not lose a single brigade.

I was forced to start thinking about my first moves already on turn 4 when Draugr's RD captured what should have been Painted's AM region of Sword Coast. My first big mistake of the game was thinking Painted would be overrun quickly and Draugr would secure a fast win. So, ignoring DuPont for now, on turn 11 I made my first move. I relocated the UN capitol to the south of Krynn and targeted RD assets in Zanthia and Sword Coast to give a bit of relief to what I thought was a beleaguered Painted. I quickly located the RD capitol and started butchering. I had barely chucked the RD on the chin, however, when he failed a moral check and dropped the game (probably nothing to do with me). I did notice at one point that Draugr's DA Regent relocated the capitol to Python cove, so, Painted must have slammed his capitol and captured his King. Total kills: 8, all low level stuff.

On turn 14, I decided several things: Draugr was not a threat, (and indeed, he dropped the same turn I left Krynn) Painted would need recovery time, and DuPont, while unmolested, could be building wildly in the north. I relocated the UN capitol back to Crown, and came back just in time, as it turned out. The WA political corp was insane, his capitol was producing obscene amounts of food and gold with the plow of the prophet, and his wizards were proceeding very nicely. As the UN I kept very close watch on agent raises, and both the WA and DE had very respectable agents despite my attempt to make it prohibitively expensive. I was sure I had left him alone way too long after seeing the results of more than a dozen recons.

With 12 sleeps followed the next turn by a massacre the likes of which Stalin would be proud, I went to work on DuPont. Within 5 turns I had butchered the entire court of the DE and the WA, including three demon princes and in addition to half a dozen ships built attempting to assault the DU water capitol. Total kills: 29 plus 6 ships. During the slayings, I moved the DU groups on towns in Darkover and Triumvia to try and distract the DE and WA groups from attacking Crown and Krynn. DuPont employed four very nice groups, two WA and two DE, that I could not match with my little PC grabbers. While I did try to steal the plow twice, I was not intent on capturing the regions or dispatching his kings, and made no attempt to kill his wizards. I was only trying to get him to retreat his armies from my lands.

After DuPont missed at least one turn, maybe two, and did not seem to be using his groups to greatest effect, I decided his threat had diminished and went back to check on Painted. On turn 21, I relocated the UN capitol back to south Krynn. From here I could reach a couple of Demon Princes that had made it to the very west and south of Krynn, and dispatched them. At that point DuPont dropped the game (perhaps before, not sure). By this time Painted had recovered completely from the early beating that Dragur had no doubt handed him, and was starting to make his move on Brek (RA, Pellinor). The DU PC grabbers relieved Painted of three regions in four turns (stopping only once to raise up all 8 wizards), while the DU emissaries walked in and cleaned up the villages. UN agents however, sat on their thumbs. After scouring Zamora, Sword Coast and Zanthia for targets, they came up completely empty, so with nothing else to do, they searched for the IL capitol in a desert conspicuously empty of PCs. It was found in literally the first place they looked, the northern most desert square of Zamora. The UN then slaughtered IL agents found there, leaving DU emissaries immune from retribution. Again, I did not target the IL king or wizards, as my goal was still to prolong the game. However, I assume because of tax season, Painted was not going to stand for that, and resisted no more. Total kills: 6 (all agents).

I think that Vball dropped around the same time Painted did, around turn 26. I would like to hear how the battle between vball (SO, DW) and Brek (RA, NE) proceeded, as the battle seemed to last nearly the entire game. At this point however, having already captured a large part of around 9 regions, cleaning up control of 7 regions did not require me to engage Brek.

Thanks and good game to everyone who played, I'd love to hear other peoples perspective on the game.
Well done and a nice write up too.
I really like this write up. Amazing coordination of kingdom talents.

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