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5495 48 hour silent steel
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-20  Grand Total

          1     NE     Wookie Panz               36,696      43,789
          2     CI     The Painted Man           15,954      21,955
          3     GN     Windstar                  13,630      20,021
          4     DE     Acererak                  14,068      19,777
          5     AM     Drogo                     12,075      18,802
          6     AT     Vball Michael             11,912      18,300
          7     AN     Brek                      12,014      17,251
          8     IL     uncledarkseid             11,208      16,364
          9     UN     The Wise One               9,600      15,393

Thanks to all of the other players who played in this one and congratulations to Painted and Windstar for making the podium again.

This was my first game playing NE although I've played all of the other magic kingdoms.  Triumvia was my starting region.  It's a great region for income development with a coastal major city, 5 towns, and 7 villages.  It also has easy access to Stormgate and 5 other regions.  Another plus is you often get a sea town if you need to relocate your capital.
The down side is you have 5 neighbors who can get at you easily.

My setup had a second town in Krynn, at KA.   My capital was at ML, coastal and close to Zanthia.
For customization I chose the Renown Standard, influence, raise an ambassador for 1 point, agent 2-4 for 1 point, and a baron.  I have found with the large capital areas the baron is very good to have and raising the ambassador gives you even more flexibility in getting the region early.  The agent gives you an extra 4 square pc search and it's easy to get several agents searching on turn 2.  I was able to control the large region on turn 3 and get all of those neutrals to flip to me for the extra income.

Early concerns were being next to RD in Zanthia, UN in Krynn, and AT in Pelinor.  I was not too concerned about AN in Crown Islands as he needs tons of time to develop.  Somewhat the same with GN in Darkover and IL a bit further away in Sword Coast.  In a lot of games I would move my capital to the sea town but with AT next door it seemed unwise.  I did build a fort early to discourage the Rd and followed with a castle as soon as I could afford it.

The turns until turn 7 were spent raising a wizard to p5 and some lower ones and I did my first bounty on turn 7.  Rd had attacked UN in Krynn, taking my two biggest worries off the table.  DU had attacked SA in Untamed too but it was too far away to concern me.  I did some encounters, getting promotions and a few goodies but loosing a Grand Marshal for a dammed orb of anti magic, about the most worthless artifact in the game.  Note to self for the hundredth time - do less encounters!

Turn 10 saw me doing the first of many orc recruitments and I put in 3 standing orders for it.  E.S.O. was obtained and I took 2 x p1 wizards and an adept.
Turn 12 is where I lost the Grand Marshal and RD took control of Krynn.  I now had a forge and had been using the low level wizards for ore and fertile fields in the capital to go along with the bazaar and granary, as I worked for a port and did more bounty spells.  Food income was over 200k and gold 125K
Most NE players would be recruiting undead with the wizards but I opted to use them to build the economy and went with orcs and NE units backed by a few Zombies.  If need be I could recruit undead fairly quickly as I had a lot of developed wizards.

Turn 13 saw AM attacking DU in Untamed.  The DU had forced SA to drop earlier.  GN in Darkover declared CI in Diamond Coast enemy so another potential threat to me was much less of a worry. 
Turn 14 AT went after AM in Nyvaria.  This takes yet another potential threat out of the way.  I had started looking for the hidden capital of UN the turn before and found it, right on my border.  Now I have forged weapons and armor, all 15 orcs, 300k food income and 175  gold income.  There is definitely a power vacuum in Zanthia and the RD capital is 1 move away from me.  RD seems to only have 1 army and some smaller groups.  As much as I would like to develop a few more turns, RD, DE, and AT all have 2 regions so I need to get moving and go for Zanthia. 

Turn 15 my Army group is on the RD Capital and I have concealed politicians in most of the other pc and 2 wizard patrols that can take villages with summon demons.  My last group is recruiting spare orcs.
Turn 16  I took Zanthia and move on Krynn.  RD dropped making things even easier.  Stormgate is controlled by DE and is worth 85K defense.  Now I am the 4th player with 2 regions so still under the radar but I have to get the 3rd and 4th almost together or the whole world will be after me.

Turn 17 my army group is on Stormgate but so is AM with 4 groups.  His largest is 19 brigades and 3 warlords with p7, 3, 2 and he is sure to be flush with veterans as he has been fighting many turns.  He does have a group with 1 brigade and another with 3.  I have 27 brigades and 6.4, 3 wizards.  Im not sure how I will do against the AM main group and don't want to loose a ton and then more taking Stormgate so I attack the 2 small groups and go defensive against the big one but summon death and bring in my two wizard patrols  for next turn in case AM stays around.

Turn 18 the battles went well and I wiped out the AM small groups and got a zombie recruit. AM pulled out with his army group and we never fought.   Summon death took out 3 elite AM brigades.  I've gone from signficant to substancial in Krynn.  My army group is at Stormgate with 105 strength against 129 defense but my modifiers - two warlord and a captain major, armor and weapons, orcs, and renown plus fear give me about a 3-1.  I'll throw in wind and fear and the power 6 wiz will take me to the UN capital.
DE has declared AM enemy, it's winter again but my income is decent.  I had the high score and taking stormgate will give me 3 regions so I have to get the 4th quickly.

Turn 19 I got Stormgate with 19% losses.  Every battle I come out a little stronger with the promotions and zombie recruitment more than replacing the losses.  I am on the UN capital and it's not as strong as Stormgate was but he has agents and decent wizards.  I can afford to lose guys as long as I get control of the region and don't lose control anywhere.
CI has an army in Triumvia and DE am army group on a village in Zanthia so the noose is closing on me. 
UN has wizards of power 7,5, 5, 4, 4, 4, in his capital.   I have conjured a scandal against him and denigrated him in Krynn. UN has taken out a baron so far and he has flipped a few places back to neutral but my pols and a wizard patrol willl get a couple more pc so a victory claim looks solid. Now I put in a kill  hostage order against UN in case it goes another turn and move my army group to the only other town the he controls, a nice 4 square walk away where his capital will relocate.    I will lose the points for hostages but avoid any early rescues if it goes another turn.  I do 3 dispel domes . It's over kill but he has 1 p7 and several missing groups so I have to play safe.

Turn 20 - It all worked out and none too soon.  DE is on Stormgate with an army group and IL has 4 strong groups in Zanthia.  I had build some castles and a few greater castles in the key areas but no way could I hold off for long.

Some keys to this one were the orc army, having 3 p6 wizards in 3 groups and using economy of orders and standing orders correctly.  I always see the good players seem to get more done with less orders and I try to learn from them.  The power vacuum in Zanthia and Krynn, taking advantage of the RD and UN beating up each other to the point they could not protect either region, and looking around at all the other regions were all important.  The pieces just fell exactly right with so many players fighting other battles wit proper planning and a flexible plan it all worked out.
And the Orcs carry the day again!   Hooray!!!!!  Congratz Wookie.

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