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How to beat the Red Dragon
(09-17-2020, 10:42 AM)The Painted Man Wrote:
(09-17-2020, 07:56 AM)Senior Tactician Wrote: Actually it occurs to me that I have indeed defeated the Red Dragon previously with an army of mostly Orcs.  I was playing the Tyrant, Painted was the Big Dragon, we ended up at stormgate on the same turn.  I trounced the red and grabbed the city on the same turn for the win on turn 14.  I think Painted was also up for the win on that same turn, and the entire game came down to that one battle.

Trounced is a bit strong as I believe you took more losses, but I'd agree with the rest of it. Smile

Its true they are not very tough to start out.  In that game I had not been able to train them at all, I had mostly regulars and even some green zamoran troops in there, and the red dragons are very tough.
(09-17-2020, 10:49 AM)Ry Vor Wrote: From the stats produced by Pine Needle, first, appreciate the effort.  Next, I think we have to repeat the question of kingdoms vs. players.  I think, that is sort of I work to and hope, the kingdoms play completely differently but are all capable of winning.  BUT, players, especially the better players (until recently) would take the more assured kingdoms, such as the Ancient Ones and Demon Princes and not the Dwarves, Elves, Halflings etc. 

I didn't do anything but copy them from Valhalla. But you're welcome!
(09-17-2020, 10:36 AM)Pine Needle Wrote: In the ice age game we're playing now, Wildings are like double orcs- +5% attack AND defend per brigade. Much more limited in a game with seasons, but I'd seriously look at kingdoms that get wildings in another ice age game.

I've mucked it up otherwise, however, sadly.

While I definitely consider wildlings a viable troop type, I'm not sure the difference is double.  Moral increases group value, therefore it increases attack and defense.  In fact, anything that increases group value increases both attack and defense.  Either I am not understanding the combat difference between, say, the special ability of orcs and wildlings, or there isn't one.  It may be the difference between defense, and the defense modifier.  When you look at your troop type values and see, for instance, "average" or "above average" this is the defense modifier.  Nothing I know of alters this, but then I dont know exactly how the program works.  When you train up brigades from regular to veteran to elite, this value goes up, and is probably the most important value your troops have.

The only phenomenon that effects attack and not defense is wind storm (and flash flood), as far as I can tell.  If the PC you attack is worth 10,000 for instance, it has both 10000 attack and 10000 defense, plus a modifier depending on the type of PC, but we'll ignore that.

So if you fear that PC, lets say with a power 2, it looses 10% to both attack and defense.  The PC can only do 9000 damage to you, and you only need to overcome 9000 defense to capture the PC.

But the windstorm spell, as far as I can tell from my own analysis, only reduces the attack value.  So you cast windstorm on a PC, and the PC can only do 5000 points of damage to you, but you still need to defeat 10000 defense to overcome the PC.

Again, this is from my own analysis, and I have no knowledge of the programming.  But I am pretty good at predicting how much damage I will take from a PC battle.  This is important when you are training troops.  You need to know a few values.  One is how much damage your group will do in the first phase of combat.  If your group does more than the PC value during the archery phase, you will not train brigades.  Also, if the PC does less than 5% damage to your group, you will not train brigades.  I thought I wrote about this somewhere, but I may not have.  If there is any demand, I can write an article about it.
Actually spell damage effectively increases your attack (or maybe just your damage) but not your defense.

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