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5462 - Tallest Midget Contest
     Victory By Rex Is The Dark Elven Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-39  Grand Total

          1     DA     The Painted Man           51,694      75,932
          2     UN     DuPont                    32,664      67,687
          3     NE     Eregnon the Black         41,526      63,272
          4     DU     Rellgar                   27,845      46,140
          5     GN     Vball Michael             28,236      44,596
          6     CI     Dwellomir                 21,344      39,067
          7     SO     Windstar                  12,900      32,658

Hooray. Squeaked this one out, if only just. If we go one more turn I'm not certain I have the win, as CI was at Stormgate with 37 (!!!!) brigades and Lion's share would likely go to either UN or NE.

This game, I thought, would start out somewhat predictably. I had the Sword Coast and Dark Elves... which actually sounded pretty awesome, and was blessed with a water capital. I assumed that it would be business as usual, taking the region and then allowing me to build up a bit. Little did I know that I'd get some serious help in that regard. Turns out that DU also had a water town in my region, and apparently felt strongly enough about our relationship that, rather than leave it, he immediately started to build it up and leaving his 2DU there to keep out those pesky emissaries. By turn 5 he had built a fortress, bazaar, and granary there and his troops had not moved. He also built boats, but favored quantity over quality. I sent a few small groups so as to enable multiple sea battles and, 3 sea battles later, his troops were no more and my emissaries were able to get to the town. The following turn the took control of the town along with it's improvements. I lost a few boats, but gained some valuable infrastructure. 50k gold and 100k food spent by the Druid early - along with some fertile field spells - left me with a nice little town producing just under 19k food and 12k gold. Thanks, Mr. Druid!

Because of this act of benevolence I wanted to avoid rewarding the Druid by invading his region and vowed to leave him be. So, I sat back to do a little building of my own. I love Orcs and was recruiting 3 brigades each turn while working to improve my economic base and, eventually, my wizards. Other than the early town issue, all was quiet through turn 10.

Then the fun began. The dastardly Ranger swooped in on my southern neighbor, the most lovable of all creatures. That's right, the Halfling. What Ranger would attack such a benign being? Certainly not one that I wanted as a neighbor. Turn 15 had Rangers with tight control over Mythgar and Zamora and the Halflings had done little more than throw themselves at my boats in an ill-fated sea patrol. Poor guys. So, my path was set. Time to go to Zamora and be the savior of the people. In what was not the quickest mobilization in history, I invaded Zamora on turn 18 and so began a relatively lengthy conflict with RA. We took the city at XE (which happened to be his capital), captured a lot of folks, and hung around to avail ourselves of the fine forge and mage tower there. Turns 21 and 22 proved to be the real turning point for the conflict with RA as our groups met in combat. While his troops carried the day (he issued a determined attack and I a stand a defend, so my retreat threshold was lower), he got to enjoy a summon death spell and then split his group and sent a force out onto the water, which by now both the DU and HA could tell him was a poor choice. What began as 17 brigades at his former capital ended as a couple of lonely brigades. I had to retake the city and then spend FAR too long searching out the two hidden villages he had taken from the Halfling. I thought that time spent had put me out of contention for the win. I should mention that at this time UN had gone into Mythgar and removed the RA from there as well, so he was truly screwed. The Ranger dropped within a turn of my finding the second of the hidden villages.

Turn 28 or so and on was a bit of a blur/guerrilla war as I went into Mythgar and the Druid came down into Zamora and the Sword Coast. The UN did not offer much defense in Mythgar and I had done enough to knock the region neutral but not to gain control (I wanted control, but he had a lot of greater castles) but the Druid was being downright mean to my villages in both of my regions. In response, I went to go be mean to his villages, which turned out to be a good strategy as he'd cast entirely too many bounty spells. I was losing villages worth 10k food and replacing them with villages worth 40-50k food. Such fun! The Druid and I traded towns and villages - even cities - and I finally did enough to get him to pull back to his region (Zanthia), which opened the gate for a desperate push for the win. I knew a town in Mythgar would tip the scale there (assuming I didn't lose any of the villages) and Stormgate would give me the fourth needed for the win. I showed up at Stormgate with two groups (to help against a UN division there) and did a lot of recons (some courtesy of the crystal of seeing that the RA donated to me) in what I viewed as the trouble areas - mostly villages in Mythgar and Zamora. Things looked, amazingly, quite promising so I issued the attack on Stormgate. I was nervous about this due to the UN group having two wizards that could try to dispel fear (which I desperately needed to have for the taking of Stormgate), but rolled the dice and came out ok in the end. On turn 40 the Cimmerians had a massive 37 brigade group with lots of toys at Stormgate (I didn't move because I had nowhere to go that would have made a difference on the final turn) and the Druid had once again come to play after re-securing his region.

Overall, the Darkelves are a fun kingdom, but not my favorite. I feel like they take a minute to spin up but overall not a bad balanced kingdom. The military held up well and there is potential with summoned troops or companions to make it even better. The extra group was a nice plus.

Congrats to all that hung in there in this one. Truly a fun game and a nail-biter for me.
Congratulations Painted! It looked like the UN was going to run away with it, but you were the dark (elf?) horse candidate that slipped in for the win!
(07-25-2020, 11:26 PM)Eregnon Wrote: Congratulations Painted! It looked like the UN was going to run away with it, but you were the dark (elf?) horse candidate that slipped in for the win!

Nobody likes it when DuPont gets a W.

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