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5460 - Smack Down Accomplished
(06-02-2020, 06:14 PM)Acererak Wrote: (RA)

I did enjoy quite a bit taking the AT capital at Imril and getting a good roll on prisoners taking most of his court and torturing them the rest of the game in my spiffy clean dungeons.

The rest of the game I basically sat at my land capital with 200k+ food production thanks to the plow, but afraid to leave with my army as I couldn't quite get a leg. castle yet. AT showed up as he said and I felt I had a good setup in the plains. Flank no good though with his Warlord and he had Anglakel vs my Axe so advantage there. I think his Forge weapon and Armor was the difference in the first battle as my troops generally way better. I also had 4 other P3s in patrols there dispelling his magic and mostly succeeded so I had full spells against him from my group while he didn't have much. Like he said I moved off after two battles and I was going to re-recruit and got the leg castle up when Dusi won again.

I had a good time but not sure I'd play the Ranger again. No Fear spell is a real disadvantage in the late game and combined with a max 13 brigade companion recruit per group is limiting. That group AT put up battle had 160K value and he caught me the same turn I didn't have a 3rd leader as I was transferring out a piddling captain to get in a Lord Commander but screwed that order up - which is a 20% difference on 160K. Probably the difference in that fight. Alamaze is so often a case of one little drop down menu not happening correctly but that's also what we all enjoy is the detail.

Congrats to the podium and Pine Needle - nice job coming back at me.

Thanks. That Imril move just gutted me. I was so pissed that I took capitals four times and captured bubkus and you took my entire entourage (and the plow!) I thought there was NO WAY you could take a great castle that early. 
The turn before I moved on your capital the second time you'd ventured out maybe to harass the GN. I thought there was a chance you'd stay out, but no such luck. As I said, I got draws twice in those battles but needed wins.
(06-03-2020, 06:13 PM)Pine Needle Wrote:
(06-01-2020, 10:49 PM)VballMichael Wrote: Then Pine Needle had some issues with Minneapolis and all, so I did not move to new pop centers for a turn though I did take the things I had already invaded. In any event, I am not sure if I could have accomplished my goal anyway with the LI and DU still pretty active down there.

I read this and didn't understand until now. I am in Kansas City, not Minneapolis. Thanks for the concern. I think that was Windstar.

Yep, sorry, meant Lizards.

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