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In search of....
that never ending craps roll!
anyone here play? had a heck of a run today, guy had 34 rolls and was hitting 6 and 8 like crazy, and of course, all bets were pressed!
Yep.  When the Mirage was new, I held the dice for 45 minutes and made 17 points.  It was three deep around the table.  Chinese business men kept tossing $50 8-hardway plays for me in appreciation.  Side note: Bruce Willis was at the table when I first got there.

The next morning, walking by the table, the crew said, "There's the Legend!". 

It was a very memorable moment as regards my gambling notoriety, though I don't gamble anymore than having fantasy football teams.  

In closing, always back it up and take the free odds.  And this is the only place you should be superstitious: there are hot and there are cold craps tables.
I am not a big gambler, but Craps is my absolute favorite. You can get up quickly, or go down quickly but man is the ride fun.
Ashgar the Bloodthirsty. 

My blood, your blood, what difference does it make!  

Time will tell.................
My 1st craps game was way back with eric, aka, senior t. At
Binion's in vegas back in the day.
We belly up to the table and after a few rolls Leon spinks steps up to the table with his entourage and drops about a grand on the pass line as the crowd forms, the dice pass with money won and lost until senior t has the dice.
His 1st 2 rolls are 7 and the crowd is happy especially spinks who has since got 4k on the come out roll. Senior t rolls an 11 and the crowd is having a blast.
Spinks is talking to his group and I over hear him, Tell his group "this honkey is making me some money"
Eric then makes the point of 6 and we all take max odds and WHAM, he hits the 6! Long story short, he makes a point, then craps out, but what ill never forget is spinks, handed him two green chips and said "thanks for the rolls, now go buy yourself a clean shirt"! classic vegas.

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