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Flying Undead
Well, I think Mike and I independently showed our hearts.  It is for the players, really, there is no money.  It pays the bills attributable to running Alamaze.  We have IBM hosted servers, have a hosted website, just to make things uninterruptible for players.   Does any other PBM styled game do so?  So, maybe sometimes I seem defensive.  

The stuff Mike has done, if you can think back to when I first recovered Alamaze from Phil in 2014, you were entering Excel spreadsheets and I was hand inputting them.  And this was taking sometimes 10 hours a day and to say the least, I was not enjoying it, but I didn't want Alamaze to die.  Mike came along in the nick of time.  Yeah, he doesn't get paid what he is worth.  Maybe someday.  Meanwhile, he is like me, just seeing justice, so to speak: Alamaze deserves to have a bigger audience.   And Nick feels that way, strongly.  Its just harder than people think, all around.  The coding is certainly not the problem.  Perfect?  Close.  Its just a complicated game, with layer upon layer, so not for the masses.  For smart people that see it is worth learning.  I hope that is not blunt or egotistical, but, yeah, you cannot just start clicking and play Alamaze.  

Anyway, I remain proud of what we have done, over 35 years with Alamaze.  I was the original programmer of Alamaze, back when it won game of the year, and recently deceased Rick Loomis couldn't believe it was in Symphony when we won Game of the Year as a total outsider. 

Ah, Mike has brought it to this level, and there was friction with Pitzel when this came to pass, and I wish that had gone more pleasantly, and I wish Lord Diamond and Frost Lord and Head Honcho and others were playing now.  I hope for their return. 

Meanwhile, as I say, every player is important.  We are no conglomerate.  I know Phil would talk for hours.  But that didn't change code.  We are looking, always, for Alamaze to be uncontested as the best multiplayer strategy game, I'm not sure if we even need the caveat of fantasy based.  What about you?
(01-31-2020, 05:52 PM)Senior Tactician Wrote: I wish that made sense to me.  When I started college I was in computer science, but, being a lazy man, I refused to put the effort it would have taken for me to pass calculus, and programming was boring.  SO I made about the fourth worst decision of my life and majored in psychology.

I do appreciate the effort guys, I know things are slow now.  Honestly I'd pay more to play Alamaze (and I used to, $7.50 a turn like Rick said), I just don't have it.

You know, I do have a bunch of time on my hands... if you want someone to help filter your customer service emails, I could do that.  I do think customer service is important.  Just having someone answer an email is often enough, even if the answer is "I don't know."

Eric, I appreciate you are trying to be on our side.  I think at support we do pretty well, but we do want to put out, we cannot explain your turn results to you.  That's really not in our scope.   Again, who really expects this, even in any aspect of life?  Why did this happen to me?  Talk to God, I suppose.  I know The Gray Mouser has not always been pleased about how things go. 

I hope this exchange comes across in the sincerity it is intended.  Alamaze, there are millions, literally, of things that can happen.  How the code captures 99.9% of them to me is the incredible thing.
OK, I get that, you can't explain my turn results to me.  I accept that.  I didn't ask that.  I simply made a very simple, very small observation.

The take-home message for players here is that, as Draugr promised, if you get an error in the Order Entry Program telling you that 7 specters can't fly, you can safely ignore that warning.  I will confirm this when the turn runs.
Flying Specter Armies confirmed with order 727.  Thank you all.
my ex wife on a broom, confirmed!
(02-02-2020, 12:44 AM)Agent Orange Wrote: my ex wife on a broom, confirmed!

lol nice one.

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