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Salvage the Newbie Game Free
Looks like instead of deleting the game created by a new player, we will try to fill that game called "10" at the top of the queue.  There are presently 7 of 12 players in that game, at least five of them are brand new, and Strylian.

I'd like five players that are willing to reach out to these new guys as mentors to join and get them going.   I have no idea if this will work as they've been in queue for a few weeks, but Mike or someone was able to get the turnaround to a standard 72 hours. 

Given the unusual circumstances, once the game starts, I'm going to share all the email addresses with all the players, breaking tradition (we have never done that).  It is setup as a full diplomacy game with hidden cities.  Its just first come, first served.  Just choose your kingdom and region on the game queue.

Because this game may never become a proper game, I don't know how many new guys will actually be playing, this game is free to all who join, in the effort to try to convert these guys into actual players.  It won't count as a slot either.  Again, just only join if instead of paying money you're paying with some of your time.

I should add that if this game busts, I will try to have it deleted from Valhalla records. If 10 players play, I will try to find two standbys for the other spots, but someone would have to let me know what positions are inactive to sub in a player.
11 of 12 positions taken...just one more required.
I joined it
What the halfling is going on? What map is that?
Game started, I did not see emails on the turn 0.  Should we split these new players up between us?
(01-24-2020, 08:55 AM)RELLGAR Wrote: What the halfling is going on? What map is that?

If I'm not mistaken that map is 40 years old, the map that first and second cycle games were played on (3rd as well?)
It looks  like 3rd cycle game with second cycle map.
Game started around 4:25am EST. I created a forum thread here:
(01-24-2020, 09:00 AM)RELLGAR Wrote: It looks  like 3rd cycle game with second cycle map.

Yes, a group of new players went straight to the game creator and picked what they liked or guessed at from the choices available.  This is part of why I'd like to rearrange the game creator page as discussed elsewhere to have one prominent button to create a default game type.

Meanwhile, they can learn the method of Alamaze here, if they play.  They don't need the finer points of Maelstrom, they need to understand the fundamentals, and mainly, they need to play. I'm sending everyone in the game an email shortly.
That is the beloved map I grew up with!

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