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The Ancient Ones
The Ancient Ones (Draugr Write-up)
Overview: A political kingdom with many tricks and special abilities.  Fully loaded with traits Acuity, Charisma, Devout, Foreknowledge (Plow and Altar), Forethought, Healing, Magic Immunity(Death), Magic Resistance(Sleep), Oratory, Secretive, Stalwart.  All traits are useful but five standout.  Devout, giving access to special high priestess lesser angel that allow you to raise population center(PC) stats (food, gold, defense, census).  Foreknowledge (Plow of The Prophet), this item triples the production of food at the PC it is located.  Magic Immunity (Death), only the AN has this 100% immune to death magic, like kill wizard/leader and summon death vs troops.  Oratory, gives +15% to usurp and stir unrest orders.  Secretive, this makes the starting capital hidden and gives a level 4 agent.  Another item specific only to the AN is the divine intervention level 4 spell that allows them to stop any combat between two groups.
  The AN also starts with 3 councils instead of a king.  These councils can do anything a king can do and also perform high priestess actions.  They are immune to sleep spell and have special orders to effect reaction level in the region they are currently in. 
So overall the AN can perform more king actions that other kingdoms making it possible to launch surprise political attacks and also a very good defensive kingdom politically.  Because of the plow they can also become an economic power house.

The Draft:   Because the AN has a hidden capital and will likely want to build up prior to making aggressive plays on others.  A few regions stand out.   The Diamond Coast in a corner regions with only 2 neighbors, a 67% chance to have your capital start where a port can be built(water or coastal), 38% chance to actually start in the water.  A smaller region though so easier to find capital.  Pellnor a 28% larger region 41 squares vs 32, but still has a 60% chance to build a port at capital.  Is also gets a vet paladin and +1 influence.  Trouble is Pellnor is in the middle and can become a target.  Of the capital regions Nyvaria is likely best suited for the AN.  43% chance for port at capital but it has a greater city that can become a port so could be built up if needed as a backup.  Second largest region so good for a hidden capital and other bonuses of +1.5 influence, +3k to capital stats, +kingdom vet brigade.  Also on one side of the map so more secluded than the other capital region to help allow for building an economy first.

Early Strategy(T1-T6): The normal is always true use your 4 groups and agent to scout as much of your region as possible.  It is critical to get the Plow asap this is the most important item for becoming an economic powerhouse.  The goal here is to produce incredible amounts of food and then use that food as gold and to build buildings.  If you start in a capital region taking a bazaar with customization can be good.  You would want to also improve gold on the T1 to get maximum benefit.   Use one of your councils to summon lesser angle on your capital starting turn 1.  Do not prioritize this over taking the region on turns 2-4.  Also if resources are there raise food at the capital prepping for when you can get the plow.  The same turn you unearth the plow you should be transferring it with an agent since you have the artifact number already.   Raising the starting p2 to p3 on T1 is also good to allow for fertile fields to be cast on capital as well.   It is important to keep track of resources in the early turns and not over spend.  Do not build granary at the earliest wait until your food in producing 40k-60k.  by T6 you should have your granary and a castle.  If you are doing well build a fort prior to castle but if pinched a bit then just build the castle.   With 1 wizard raising food another wizard should be getting promoted to get him to level 6 where he can cast bounty(+20% to regional food).   It is not recommended to raise all wizards to p3 first in this case because bounty has such huge benefits.

Mid Game(T7-T12):  continue building.  By T8 or so you should have a greater castle.   This is a big mile stone as it keep most everyone away especially if it is in the water.  Hopefully you have a p6 wizard to start casting bounty.  For the port wait until you have a good amount of food going maybe 80-100k or if you already have bounty going then anytime as if only adds to the multiplying effect.  By 12 you should have a legendary castle and you will want a thieves guild and obviously a wizard tower to actually have that p6 wizard.  The thieves guild is due to the counter esp.  Thieves guild + legendary castle = 60 points CE or like having a level 10 agent guarding everything that is very important because players will try to steal the plow.  Also by T12 you may be starting to get into the rapid acceleration of food production making maybe 400k+ at this point where each bounty spell is netting more and more food/gold.  Once you have your defense built up even if your region falls you are likely out producing you opponent still.  During this time frame when your capital is growing on its own and you have extra resources start building a military and wizards.  Only recruit from towns not on the water.  You will want to put greater castles on all water towns.  If you have enough with the census gain it can be possible to make it not possible for others to control your region due to all the census focused in a few PC.  Also on T12 and T6 status point check to make sure you are producing the most food.
   Even if attacked early you can still and should build up your capital.  You can always let them take PC with military and then take back with emmies.  Keep an enemy hostile that along with your devout they will not want to keep their military in your region.  Keep a group or two at your capital and cast divine intervention if needed.  If you have a group with a p4 and p3 you could keep this going for a long time at a cost of 44k per turn.  But likely that military trying to take your PC costs them to maintain as well.

Late Game(T13+):  you will quickly start to get into making more than 1 million food just keep going.  Around turn 15 you should be able to look toward attacking others.  Prior to being ready you should have around 10 emmies maybe 3 dukes and 7 barons.   For military 1 army group and some divisions an all bats army is nice as it can fly using 727 order.  You can fly with more than 5 brigades if they can all fly.   You should have most things divined by now using your councils.  Best time is right after someone gets tight control divine that kingdom in that region for a one shot deal.   Basic attack plan is raise your reaction levels the same turn you move in from substantial to friendly.  Do not do this the turn before as it could telegraph your attack.   You can conceal a council or two the turn before and send them to a PC you will be taking with your group.  This is so that while you launch your attack you can denigrate with councils in the enemy region.  Note if they have tight control with will not work.   After you launch denigrate the enemy in both your region and the one you attacked.  Make it hard for them to rebound.  If needed leave a group or two in place to block a military group of the enemy from retaking critical PCs using divine intervention.

End Game:  You have two regions and need another two for the victory.  Most are ok with someone owning two regions but if you get a third plan to be ganged up on in most any format.  So it is best to develop a two region plan at this point.  If you are already at war then keep fighting and eventually take control of the enemy region be wise about it though.  Try to only take it when you are ready to move on to take another within two turns.  For the AN a holding tactic is to build greater castles and legendary castles.   Best way to pull this off is to conceal an emmy to take a PC.  The same turn you take the PC you build a castle then the following turn while the player is reacting and bringing a military or emmy you build a greater castle.  They cannot see that you build a castle unless they were scouting their own PC, not likely.  So the added. 65k defense from a castle/greater castle turns away most armies and if needed build a legendary the next turn which turns away all but the most elite armies.  Once you have a few of these in a region you can really decide when to take the region by taking villages or other towns.  It gives you the flexibility to plan for your 4th region and the victory with hopefully not everyone knowing it.  By this point resources are not an object as you control multiple regions and have your supper capital.   Every town taken with your groups at this point should be followed by recruit orders.  If you are at a village consider destroying it to make champions.  The AN due to stalwart actually promotes leaders better than some would think. 
The AN is a lot of fun to play and one of the best defensive kingdoms. 
-plow is stuck in a water area you do not have ships.  Use a patrol with only leaders and then port in wizards using teleport self when the group would end its turn on the artifact.  Do not move the group from that spot as a sea patrol only catches what moved.  Instead use an agent to transfer the artifact or teleport the patrol out. 
-bounty every 4 times it is successfully cast effectively doubles your food production.
Incredible write up. I have never been super interested in the AN and now I want to play it!!!!!
Ashgar the Bloodthirsty. 

My blood, your blood, what difference does it make!  

Time will tell.................
holy chit
that’s why he has so many winsSmile Great write up.
Outstanding job.  That's why I like to be on your team.
Outstanding, Champion of Alamaze!   Surpasses all expectations and raises consciousness on a lot of finer points.

Don't the rest of you get shy.  But I think the format helps show how to develop a kingdom.  Let's hear lots more from all the podium kingdoms. 

Also, if you want to start a discussion on a post, in this case on the Ancient Ones, its fine to offer contrasting ideas or challenge an assumption.

Overall though, this is a perfect model in covering the format, providing insight, and promoting the kingdom.

It occurs one additional thing in a kingdom strategy might be which other kingdoms might present the biggest problems, particularly as neighbors.  Thanks Draugr for also including the Draft, or Regional Selection section.   Also Draugr and other authors, you will get $10 credit for each kingdom you write up.

OK guys, the torch has been passed.
Damn I’ll never get to play the AN again Wink. Nice write up!

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