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Early Game - How to tame your dragon?
Early Game, playing a dragon as well as being in the path of a dragon.   What is a good idea for defense? Say a player attacks within the first 5 turns with a combined dragon army, I generally cant cast Dome of Invulnerability, I won't have the forces to squash them, all I can do is run and hopefully hide all the while giving up my province or a chance at taking it.

How do you defend against this?  Assuming this is a silent game where no agreements can be made.
-If you are a military kingdom you can still build your army up just keep it combined and keep to the forests and mountains. Dragons are heavy in cavalry so do become more mortal in forest/mountains. Also having the threat of a large army should help to keep the dragon combined as well making it so he takes one PC a turn.
-use emmies to take his PCs especially villages.
-if you can get your military into his region and more than 5 squares away from him then take stuff in his regions.
-keep him hostile if possible. He will increase in moral as he attacks but likely not grow as fast. This also helps to keep his emmies from backing up his troops.
-use agents to poison food.
-if you do get in a group fight try to remove his wizards(especially p3). Dragon needs windstorm to avoid the attrition hit while taking towns and cities.
-take PCs back with emmies after he moves on.
-early on remember he needs an active marshal to flank so stunning a leader or two could really help you more than other spells.
-scout his stuff and take out emmies. No emmies he dies.
-if you successfully take out other elements besides the military sure he may beat you but likely lost the game. Perhaps he remembers the next time he has a choice of who to hit early.

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