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Maelstrom Kingdoms early reviews
So I started this thread.   

Now that a few games have been played commentary on which kingdoms are the strongest?

Just from my own observations:  Amazon, Ancient Ones, Atlantians.  Look pretty strong.  The Tyrant, Red Dragon, look strong at the start but seem to fade towards the end. Demon Prince won a game and appeared pretty strong also.

Although a great many factors are in play, like if they are hit early, who is playing the kingdoms, what region the kingdoms started in, and other variables. What are the observations from those who have played a few games?  Now don’t reveal any information in regard to current games with no communication, just talk around or be vague on those kingdoms in play. :Smile I’m curious on how all think.
I did pretty well with the RA in Darkover. The terrain there is well suited to their strengths. Even though I came in second, the status point gap between myself and third was significant.
NO in Krynn and CI in Diamond Coast both worked well for me.  I waited too long to go on the offense with both but bolder moves could have been rewarding.  They did both survive and thrive where they were. 
I have seen players take CI in the southern areas and have to wonder why they would relinquish the advantage that they get in the north in winter.  The same would go for NO going north instead of south.  NO tier 3 magic can make them a contender, I.M.O.
I'm probably supposed to remain on the sidelines on this topic, but I think the selections have been interesting.

I'm pleased with the new impact of regional character, as a pretty original idea and providing additional things to chew on.  The specific bonuses, such as the Rangers getting two Mammoth brigades in Krynn (just one example) but also just deciding between how a campaign will unfold in say Triumiva vs the style in The Crown Islands. 

We've heard a case for the Demon Princes, and for the Ancient Ones as well.  Those are two "special" kingdoms, along with say the Underworld and Pirates in that category.

But solid performances coming in from the balanced kingdoms, the Rangers do get mentioned a lot, the Elves and Dark Elves. 

As probably noted by close followers of the forum, I have a special place for the kingdoms known in The Choosing as The Red Haired Stepchildren, namely the Amazons, The Nomads, The Black Dragons, the Atlantians, The Sacred Order.  All of these are being selected and doing well.

So, should we weep for the mage kingdoms?  Its too soon.  They have a bit more adapting to do, but they will be fine.

One thing of interest to me that I haven't seen mentioned too much is the effect of Stormgate, the 13th region.  This is a new spin on early game strategy and seems like it can be kind of deadly.  If you win the battle for Stormgate, your doing well, but if you come in second in that battle, its a tough campaign.

I like the Lizardmen who are probably still underappreciated.  The Red Dragons have been flaming out but again I think a more strategic approach is now needed. 

We haven't heard much from the little folk: the Dwarves, the Gnomes, the Halflings.  Too early to make a call there.
The one thing I will say about the PI, is the need for a port to develop really is a disadvantage in the early game. They are able to raise their fleet quality right up to 16 in some seas, but then they cannot build any more until they have a port - which would be fine as you can start with a bazaar and build a granary but then you simply will not have enough food for several turns for the port. I wish that in the customization, there was an option to select a meaningful amount of food so, as the PI, you could build a granary in the capital on turn 1 and then have enough food squirreled away to build your port on turn 2. Of course, this only covers your home region, but I would do it anyway.

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