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I'd be interested in a second game.
I will play any type on maelstrom map.
I believe I could be talked into a second game as well. Preferably something sparkly.
Alright, let's give it a go right here on this thread.  I think we will currently need several players to up their service level to get one going without one of the existing games ending.

Let's assume it will be a Steel game (10 or 12 players), but might change to Primeval (5 players) if there aren't more than 5 players posting here within a few days.

Can discuss whether Silent (no communication), Anonymous (no communication and who has what kingdom is unknown), or Forum-Only communication every three turns only.

So for now, just post your interest, and then we'll pick draft position later in the order of posting interest when we have established format.
I am willing to wait for a full game.

If possible I'd like an ice age anonymous game. I'll really play any though.
Same here. Wouldn’t mind it having communication so can ask questions and learn easier from mistakes. I’ll be honest o prefer NOT to do ice age did a duel of that and it was brutal slow.
I'd be fine with communications of some sort.
If you guys want to lean the game, the best way is to have a team mentor game. That way you have an experienced player letting you know the bests moves of a kingdom. You will see how they play it and customize your own style.
I would really be behind that!
I'll play
I will play and with all the new faces I would really like to see some kind of mentor game

6 sets of master/ apprentice could be a lot of fun

Or a standard alliance type game

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