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5205 Confederation twist ends T36
I played the AN/DA kingdoms. Early in the game I saw that the IL/RD and the GN/SO were going at it, I quickly called the RD/IL enemies with my groups and even denigrated the RD. I wanted him going in the other direction not at me. Smile thought if he was hostile over here he would just stay in the west. I did however snipe several of his emmies. The WA/PI dropped and I was unaware he had been touched yet, and this left a gapeing hole in the North, which the DE quickly took advantage of. I moved against him in R6 with the DA and it was pretty even. I teleported several invisible AN groups up into R3, then the RD/IL moved on me and I had to pull all the way back to R10 and R9 sustaining heavy losses of emmies on the way. Like DuPont said we fought to a standstill for a good while. I say the BL/NE making a move but I was too heavily engaged and out of position to do anything, on this last turn I had groups moving into R8 on the BL but it was too late. And at the end I saw a GN army group? Thought they were dead?

This was a fun game but a brutal contest, I ended with three emmies left and a regent for my DA kingdom, AN faired better but was very limitted in a pagan game. I think if DuPont would have intercepted my DA forces I would have been defeated in this game, his groups were huge.

Good job to the winner!!!

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