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Discussion on Future PBEM Style Gaming
If you want referrals offer an affiliate commission. Offer say a dollar of every turn that you charge the new player to the referrer, then raise your price by a dollar so it is revenue neutral for yourself. Yours is a unique commodity and making price the issue I think hurts the image of what you need to portray.

This is a gamers game. This is for the people who loved building characters from books and using dice to live in a fantasy realm.

This is for the people who spend hours sorting through cards looking for new deck combos or used to. They never lost their love of gaming but now they are to busy to put in all that time. Maybe as life happened they moved away from their friends who they loved gaming with and now don’t know who to game with.

They are established and this can be their chance to be a kid again in the privacy of their own home.

Call me crazy but I feel that is your market. People will pay a fair price to relive their childhood.
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My advise.. advertise on twitch tv during live streams of dnd games. At the least give some of them free games to play these are real gamers. Twitch tv and live streaming are the future of rpg, strategy and gaming This is the new dragon magazine to find out what is new or something to play.

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