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Does the order checker ever get it wrong?
Im trying to issue a 699 order in my current game. I have triple checked and the group i am trying to activate shows as inactive. The order checker comes back an says the group much be inactive. Which it is.
I figured it out. need a 702
hmm, the 702 states that the group is not inactive. But it is. grr.
If it is a reinforcement turn it is possible your group is being activated by them. Even if you have another group on your capital. Reinforcements always go to the lowest available group.

To activate 699 is the order you want. 701/702 are transfers to an active group which could be done after a 699 if you needed to add more stuff
Well, yes, you are probably right that reinforcements is what's messing him up but 700/701 are the transfer orders to an active group. 702 is an alternate way of activating an inactive group.
no. im playing Tyrant. Its only turn 4. No reinforcements till next turn. Both 699 and 702 in the order checker states the group is not inactive. But it clearly is.
oh wait. you are right. im doing orders for turn 5. thats it.
So, the answer to your question is yes, the order checker is occasionally wrong..... But not this time  Dodgy
See pic...

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