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Forum Only Diplomacy Suggestion
(02-28-2019, 10:29 PM)DuPont Wrote: I've tried role-playing a few of the Forum only communication games. I'm never sure if it amuses people or pisses them off - back when there was a Troll kingdom, I once played that as 'Big Chief No Fart' and pretty much acted like an uncultured Boor. I'd be willing to try it again, but it's never much fun when you are the only guy dressed up at the costume party.

I thought you did a pretty good job in the communication game you were the SA and I was the NE, very entertaining and fun game.
No one is against role playing now I don’t think.

I really enjoy the forum diplomacy and like it the way it is. It’s not like you have to reveal everything, pcs can be shared via code based on a pc you both have found. I wouldn’t go for the ally secret comms game since it goes against the concept of forum comms.

I agree on silent though, loses a lot of flavor. Essentially it turns the game into who can attack en masse first since there is no way to ask for parley or someone else to help.
What about a “postcard diplomacy” game? By that I mean:

One person not in game volunteers to be the Master of Ravens
All communication is done through the RavenMaster
Game is Anonymous
Communication takes 1 turn each way. So as an example the RD sends a message to the BL on Turn 1 orders phase. The BL receives it with Turn 1 results(well, sent by the RavenMaster as soon as he is alerted that the turn ran). BL responds with T2 orders. RD receives with T2 results.
As the Master of Ravens is not in game he would have to be given a list of Kingdoms and forum personas. Someone in game would have to indicate that the turn ran and then the RavenMaster would confirm that dispatches were sent.
Note that false Ravens could also be sent by this method. The message from the RD could actually be from the UN. The BL response would go to the RD no matter what.

If there is interest in that I will give it some more thought. Just kicking some ideas around.

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