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5213 ends
This should have been in it's own thread, earlier.
Well done to the DE, AN, DA team on a very fast finish.

5213 team game ends.
Congratulations to the team of DE, DA, and AN for their win in the alliance game. 

I had DU on a team with NE and UN.  With two magic positions and the UN we had to build agents and wizards before we were able to take the offensive.  This took us until about turn 10.
By then the team of RA, BL, and WA had dropped, being defeated by the RD, GN, SO.  I think the defeated team was doomed by their choice of positions, with RA in trouble from RD right  from the start and also bordered but SO and GN on the same team
Around turn 10 our team took the offensive against the leading RD, GN, SO team.  We held our own and took Torvale but then came under attack from the DE, DA, AN team and had to fight both teams for the rest of the game.  It looked like the RD team put up no resistance to the DE team at all from what we could see.  It would have been much more fun if everyone had gone after the leading team.
The bright spot of the game for me was meeting a new player, Hector.  He is a real nice guy to work with and a true team player.  It was also fun to team up with old friend Rellgar, who led the way for us and did a fine job with UN.

             Victory By Team (7 Regions) Is The Demon Princes Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-17  Grand Total

          1     DE     Acererak                  10,460      12,135
          2     DA     Calidor                    9,600      11,530
          3     AN     Strongwill                 6,735       8,060
          4     UN     Rellgar                    7,605       9,329
          5     SO     Holding For Player         4,820       6,595
          6     DU     Wookie Panz                5,200       6,575
          7     NE     Hector                     4,800       5,950
          8     RD     Holding For Player         3,230       4,538
          9     GN     Holding For Player         2,480       3,900
Good game to all!
Here are some thoughts from the DA perspective:

We elected to go with Option D for Kingdom/location selection. While this meant we would be middle of the pack in our picks it also meant that we would have the best chance of being together. It ended up perfectly for us as we got the DA, DE and AN.

Right off the bat the RA and RD were plunged into battle. We were able to keep an eye on that region first through agents/spells but then quickly through the powers of the AN. There was some internal discussion about when to move for expansion and this continued for quite a while. It would have been easy to pop into R3 while they were presumably distracted with the RA/RD war but we really didn't want to pile on. Instead, I went on an artifact expedition which resulted in quite a nice stockpile of trinkets.

We also decided to focus on grabbing the HC and figured that would work great when combined with the AN and DE political powers. This really helped us develop our positions.

Eventually, it seemed like the RD/GN/SO were clearly getting the upper hand so we elected to move on them. Sadly this was also the time when the RA/BL/WA team dropped. While initially we thought hitting the GN/SO/RD would enable the RA/BL/WA to stick around and be a thorn in the side of our opponents, but after they dropped it just became a mad scramble.

We chose to push into R8 as the AN/DA and let the DE focus on 3. It worked beautifully as R3 was mostly unopposed. Seeing that, we decided to quickly move into R5 as well. I had a lot of hesitation on that because I thought it would be total anarchy with multiple kingdoms. It turns out to have been the right move. The DE was able to scoop up some nice artifacts from Avalon and grabbed about 40-45% of the region while I grabbed a few villages. This was the first time we really even saw the DU/NE/UN team.

Realizing we had a chance for a win we elected to push into R7 (AN and DA) and for the DE to go all out in R8. The key that let us win this turn was deciding to go with 3 DOMES on Avalon. It looks like the DU dispelled 2 of them but the 3rd held.

Overall I had a great time. Wish the other teams had stuck it out. Acererack and Strongwill (PTRiley) were great teammates and Strongwill was a great team leader (he paid me to post that). Communication was great as we shared not just turn results but strategies, thoughts and concerns. We always kept the greater good of the team in mind when it came to using our resources or acquiring items or PCs.

It reminded me why I like team games so much Smile

Thanks to all who played. Would love to hear more from the other teams. Especially on the first war between the GN/SO/RD and the RA/BL/WA.
SO of team SO,RD and GN

The game was set by the final pick of taking the RA instead of DW or SA by the WA, BL, RA team. This pick effectively split the map. Making the conflict obvious between our teams while the other teams sat back and built up. Our game plan had to be to move quick and try to win before the other teams built up to much. We jumped on the RA. Our new player was playing the RD having the normal learn curve issues but still doing well. What hurt us was the RD player dropped without any notice to his other team mates. Last communication saying he would finish his turn later tonight but we saw no orders issued and he cut all communication to us. This was at a critical time in our fight with the RA. It allowed the RA to rebound slightly and the BL to get organized enough to bring his main group down. We were still to far ahead in the fight and continued to finish off the RA and at the same time launch GN and SO emmies into R5. By the end of winter both regions had very few enemy PCs. The economic difference allowed the SO to build up wizards much higher than the WA so they really had no effect mage support either. The team stop issuing order on turn 9 or 10. We knew we had to move quickly before the other two teams realized what happened. There fight was gone but by dropping they actually hurt us more than if they kept fighting. Our trouble then became having a lot of clean up still to do taking what was left of the WA team and trying to get into R3. During this time the UN early kidnapped a few GN emmies and my SO moved into villages in amberland to hide from the UN. The turn after the drop was confirmed to all, both the other teams launched not fully organized attacks on us. R4,5, 8 and 3 were all under attack. We had originally planned to hit the DE team with region taking attacks but since the UN had already began taking our emmies we shifted plans. At this point we had two choices really defend vs two fully prepared team or attack one effectively picking a winner. We choose to attack the UN team since they were attacking (kidnapping) use while we were still fighting our first team. We still did try to get R3 also but DE had luck on his side going second on what seemed like every control effort giving him control. We then moved every thing from SO and RD into R2 and GN was fighting in R4. The DE team after three turns had done so much damage we really were no longer in fighting shape so we dropped.

I agree with Wookiee’s account of things except that it would not have been more fun for everyone if we continued and tried to fight off both fully built up teams. We would continue to not enjoy the game. Which from what we saw was a team up against one team and only fighting if you happen to encounter the other team.
Good write ups.... the early kingdom choices set up the battles that followed, we were lucky to be able to build a little and stage what we needed to hit with. The DE/AN/DA combo s a political power house. I think by T8 or so we had most of the map filled in, we could see who was moving on whom, felt like a strategic recon. Happy with the win good teammates. Smile
Nice job on the write ups from the other two teams.  I always enjoy seeing and hearing what it was like on the "other side".
(DE) Had a great time partnering with Calidor and PTRiley for the win! Thanks guys!!

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