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5206 ends
Victory By Rex Is The Warlock Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-25  Grand Total

          1     WA     Wookie Panz               15,990      21,813
          2     RA     Imperial Tark             10,460      16,903
          3     SO     Draugr                     9,855      15,088
          4     AN     Harry O                    7,650      12,967
          5     NE     Strongwill                 7,760      12,430
          6     UN     Rellgar                    6,600      11,735
          7     HA     Vball Michael              5,290       9,970
          8     BL     Greyhawk                   3,000       6,050
          9     TY     DuPont                     2,900       5,798

Congratulations  Wookie on your first steel win. 
You see what happens  when you have a great ally.
Congrats Wookie. a well earned victory. after failing a bid to win a couple turns ago you seemed fend off an attack and were able to declare again for the win.
Nice job Wookie
This one began with UN looking for a trading partner on turn 1 and I was the first to reply.  It's always a good idea to get on the good side of UN if you have a chance.
BL and I worked out a 10 turn nap.  AT just wanted to do his own thing.  NE was friendly and I had a sea village in the Mist so that worked out as well.

Around turn 10 as my BL nap ran down I was thinking of going his way but it became very busy there as BL, TY, SO, and NE were mixing it up. I think TY had come out swinging on turn 3, attacking SO in Torvale.
Another option had been going after AT but DA was having the same idea and had help from RA.  As BL and Druid had allied and were making noise of war in the north,  I opted to split Oakendale with UN and after a couple of turns to reposition it was quickly accomplished.

By this time AT was about dead after being attacked by DA and RA and DA gained it for his second region.  Amberland was still a blood bath with halfling wading in against the BL/TY and quickly followed by RA, so the battle for Amberland was seeing some action from BL, RA, TY, SO, NE, HA, and maybe UN?  There was no point in my going there so next up was the Steppes against DA.  While I would have preferred to avoid the powerful RA it was not to be.  The Steppes fell quickly and it seemed that surprise had been in my favor. 

Region 9 was a harder nut to crack with DA fighting desperately and getting help from RA.  On turn 22 there seemed to be a long shot chance of victory and I declared, taking control of region 1 but losing control of 6 due to RA counter attacks and coming up just short in region 9 where DA was hanging on.
Turn 23 I had an army on the DA capital but he had built the defenses to 51K and I needed my army group, which was just taking Jukunta.  RA was busy taking Hammerhold with his big army group but it was to have no impact on the game.
Turn 24 Saw the fall  of the DA capital and region 9 finally in firm control as resources were put in place to secure region 6 again for the win.  A very tough RA had made the end of the game interesting but he was busy on too many fronts the last few turns.

Thanks to everyone who finished the game.
Congratulations to Imperial Tark on getting second and Draugr for taking 3rd after fighting since early on. Nice job Harry O, you taking my hidden capital in the end there, getting all your emissaries and prisoners. For fighting off DA and UN. Nice playing.
5213 team game ends.
Congratulations to the team of DE, DA, and AN for their win in the alliance game. 

I had DU on a team with NE and UN.  With two magic positions and the UN we had to build agents and wizards before we were able to take the offensive.  This took us until about turn 10.
By then the team of RA, BL, and WA had dropped, being defeated by the RD, GN, SO.  I think the defeated team was doomed by their choice of positions, with RA in trouble from RD right  from the start and also bordered but SO and GN on the same team
Around turn 10 our team took the offensive against the leading RD, GN, SO team.  We held our own and took Torvale but then came under attack from the DE, DA, AN team and had to fight both teams for the rest of the game.  It looked like the RD team put up no resistance to the DE team at all from what we could see.  It would have been much more fun if everyone had gone after the leading team.
The bright spot of the game for me was meeting a new player, Hector.  He is a real nice guy to work with and a true team player.  It was also fun to team up with old friend Rellgar, who led the way for us and did a fine job with UN.

             Victory By Team (7 Regions) Is The Demon Princes Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-17  Grand Total

          1     DE     Acererak                  10,460      12,135
          2     DA     Calidor                    9,600      11,530
          3     AN     Strongwill                 6,735       8,060
          4     UN     Rellgar                    7,605       9,329
          5     SO     Holding For Player         4,820       6,595
          6     DU     Wookie Panz                5,200       6,575
          7     NE     Hector                     4,800       5,950
          8     RD     Holding For Player         3,230       4,538
          9     GN     Holding For Player         2,480       3,900
Wookie you should start a new thread. One for each game finish

Congrats guys. I was a player on hold Smile

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