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Limited Forum Diplomacy - Game 5186
(10-23-2018, 10:11 PM)Calidor Wrote: I didn’t realize the NE didn’t get a hidden capital either. At least it was in the water.

I wish you and I could have declared.  Would have given me more of a green light.. Sad
(10-23-2018, 09:46 PM)Eregnon Wrote: (DU)

Congrats Tark. In my case, I happened to spot a large SO diplomatic force gathering at a town. It looked like he was either coming after me or the NE - I assumed it was me. I slept most of them, got a group there and took the town and captured several. It all would have worked, except it seems the DU, unlike other wizard kingdoms, does not actually have a hidden capital. Either that, or the glyph malfunctioned, as the SO found my capital quite easily, took it, and freed everybody. Things kind of went downhill from there.

He also had the GN helping him with denigrates in Torvale, but the demon I sent to visit the GN king proved quite satisfying, even if it didn't have much impact on the game.

Your glyph on your hidden capital worked just fine - I just got lucky and found your capital on the very first search by an agent 4. I was planning to attack you and could hardly complain when you moved on me first - I knew I would lose some guys when you landed on my town, but I already had a large fleet and moved my largest group to your capital to rescue my people. I didn't know the GN was denigrating you - that does explain a time or two why my denegrations were not needed. I knew somebody else was going to win, but I was happy enough with our private war in the corner until the AN came and crashed the party.

A fun game - I actually really like the limit on alliances and only contacting every three turns.

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