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Discussion on Format for 2018 Alamaze Championship
How would you like to determine the
2018 Alamaze Championship?

We might start in November to try to complete early in the New Year.  So format, qualifying, draw, etc - what's your pleasure?
I would like 2 brackets, 1st round, top 12 players randon draft, then the next 6 ranked players and the 6 lowest points from the top 12 game. Chapionship game is the 6 from game one and the 4 highest points from the second game, 10 players total, draft kingdoms in order of points, all kingdoms, one per region.
I think it would be fun to use the slugfest format. 20 players 2 per region silent. The players sharing the region can communicate. Still normal single player victory conditions.

Qualifications based on games that finished in 2018. This will need to be calculated by hand which I am willing to do. All games except duals/Titans count. Team/primeval/confederations/confluence half value. Ties will be broken by highest status points
Gold = 4 points
Silver = 2 points
Bronze = 1 point.

The top 20 players would be invited and given a week to accept. After that week it is first come first serve until the game is filled.

Once the field of players is known a draft will starts based on ranking highest drafts first.
I don't think we have 20 players...
(09-19-2018, 05:15 PM)Calidor Wrote: I don't think we have 20 players...

Which is why I like what I proposed, it can be adjusted for fewer players in second game and just carry over more from first game. Let me clarify those from first game have there placement locked in, no player from second game can unseat them no matter there points.
(09-19-2018, 05:15 PM)Calidor Wrote: I don't think we have 20 players...

We ended up with 20 players for the primeval championship

Edited: Bad math we only had 20 players total for primeval champ games
(09-19-2018, 05:15 PM)Calidor Wrote: I don't think we have 20 players...

This is an issue we each should be working on.. IMO
I have been working out and doing power lifting. Getting ready for the chapionship games. Any idea on what format, Ry Vor?
Absent a thunderbolt from Valhalla, probably a 10 player, Podium based Steel / Alliance ranking with #1 getting first choice of kingdom, etc., dispersed eligible, one kingdom per zone, elsewhile all kingdoms elgible.  If 12 eager, then 12 player full Steel.  Silent, 72 hour turnaround, standard victory including Usurper.

Likely take standings as of November 10 and look for a pre-Thanksgiving start, unless players want to wait until after Thanksgiving travels.
Thanksgiving is nearly upon us.  What are you thankful for?  One of the things that is high on my list is Alamaze, with all of the fine games  brought to us by RY Vor and the many friends we make in our Alamaze journeys..

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