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Can I Get a "Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!"
Awoo! As J.J. would say " Dynomite!"
What a nice thing to do.  Thank you RY Vor.  Awooo
I may have missed a few posts. Could you define what "All In" means?
It includes setup and turns played, does not count as a slot.
Hi Rick,

What do we do to change our service level? Send you an email?

(09-05-2018, 10:13 AM)Acererak Wrote: Hi Rick,

What do we do to change our service level? Send you an email?


Players don't need to do anything except on the occasions when they want to reduce their existing service level and then notify support.  Also if you are intending to join more than one slot over current service level please notify support so you don't get separate invoices for each change.  Generally, I catch the service level increases when the new game invoice goes out. I guess I should add that unofficially I don't increase the service level on an interim basis if there are only a couple days left to the new renewal date, I just change the service level with the new cycle - again, that's unofficial and only for a couple days before the next cycle so a player doesn't hold off on joining a new game for a few days to avoid that charge.

Note: I just had to edit this second paragraph, as new invoices will be at the new price, so if you were at Scout and you are invoiced now, you'll be invoiced at the new price of $9.95 so a move later in the month (but not a couple days before renewal) to Warrior would have an associated invoice for $8.00 for the change (to $17.95 for Warrior).

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