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Beta Primeval Ends
Here are the final scores for the last Primeval game to end:
         1     AM     DuPont                    17,840      23,330
          2     AT     Wookie Panz                9,955      14,914
          3     NO     Drogo                      9,055      13,664
          4     CI     Whisper                    6,810      10,658
          5     BL     Diws                       3,680       5,580

I had the opportunity to pick first and I chose the Amazons because they have a great deal of flexibility in who to target - everybody by the Atlantians is a reasonable choice for enemy and, unlike the BL, the AM is in a reasonably dependable position. I was lucky in that I started with a sea capital - it was in the north, so I spread my people out and took Torvale by turn 3. I considered that the CI and/or BL would target Oakendell, so I went for Runnimede to give me winter production. That went well and I was able to claim that region on turn 6 - the NO having previously taken his second region on turn 5 and the AT also taking their second on turn 6, so I felt I wasn't likely considered a 'must take out early' target. I sat back to build for a bit - I wasn't sure which way the NO would jump and things in the north were rather unsettled. #1 and #3 were still uncontrolled and would remain so until the CI took #1 on turn 8. This gave me a bit of concern because I could also see he'd claimed part of #3 which meant he had more money to build with, especially as #7 was about to go into winter. He declared the BL an enemy on turn 9, but there didn't seem to be any major fighting - I'd divined the pop centers in Amberland so I could see if he was starting to take them and sneak for a 1,2,3,5 win. I wanted to go after him, but I didn't want to leave myself vulnerable to the NO jumping me from behind, so I just continued to build.

On turn 13, the NO gave me the sign I needed - he declared both me and the AT enemies, but it was clear that in my case, this was defensive in nature - he didn't even vote against my HC motion, he just wanted to lower my regional reactions while he was fighting the the AT. My plan was this: I would hit both 1 and 5 at the same time and thus try to avoid setting off alarm bells by taking a third region and letting people rally against me. Because I'd been building, I had enough forces to just pull it off if everything went well. I also had reason to think the CI might be busy with the AT in #3 - recons of pop centers in #1 didn't turn up any of his emissaries. I also wasn't finding the BL's, other than those in his capital at Avalon. I jumped on turn 15 - three groups went into Amberland and one into Oakendell with along with all my politicos. I did everything and put in for a victory with fingers crossed. I made one big mistake, though, I forgot that the CI had automatic SQ and two of my usurps failed - one in a town and, more notably, my prince in Lorethane. Had I remembered that, I would have ordered rebel and taken the CI out of control of the region - as it was, he still controlled it and with declaring me an enemy and denigrating me, he was able to drop me from Friendly to Suspicious. A major wrinkle!
It had gone better in Amberland - I took Evanon with my largest group, which had then split in two and crossed the Sea of Foreboding to combine again at Avalon. All off the towns and several villages fell to me. This was the vast majority of the BL's holdings so from that point on, he was fighting with limited resources. I took Avalon the next turn and captured several of his people, and by dumb luck, I had moved my group to one of his remaining villages where his capital had relocated to, so I was able to bounce him again.
But now I was in a dogfight with the CI over #1 AND I had tried to declare victory - I very much felt I had a target on my back. Fortunately, the NO and AT were also in a death struggle, so neither of them ever seemed to threaten me other than a large NO group randomly showing up at Avalon the turn after I took it. They left without attacking - I am not sure if they thought that they were going to attack the BL or if the enhanced defense that the BL had paid for scared them off. Either way, I was glad to see that.
I sent my people into #2, partly as a feint - my goal was to bring the CI people back out of #1 to defend their home region and the next turn I pivoted back toward #1. It didn't work - the CI kept denigrating me in #1 and not #2 and now what was left of the BL was trying to make a comeback in the region as well. I decided the best bet was to go all out into #2 but also keep some forces in #1 to pin down the other two teams. The CI also made some moves into #5, taking Evanon from me with an emmy and moving into a couple of towns. I sent my largest group to Avalon to take it back the same turn I expected to gain control of the Mists. I was nervous as I put in the victory check again - it was quite possible the CI had people in more Amberland towns than I knew - I had gotten a report of him in Avalon as well as at least one town. But as it turned out, that was all he had - in the last turn, I knocked him out of control of #1 (the BL helped there) and by taking back Evanon, I held Amberland giving me 2,4,5 and 7.
A great game, all - particularly enjoyed butting head with Whisper as the CI who outfoxed me on several occasions!
Very nice write-up, DuPont.  Congrats to you and all on the wins.  Who was the top runner-up to complete the field for the finals?
(08-31-2018, 06:29 PM)Ry Vor Wrote: Very nice write-up, DuPont.  Congrats to you and all on the wins.  Who was the top runner-up to complete the field for the finals?

I think V Ball beat me by about 700 points.
700 very hard fought points. I had to stop the damn Amazons from winning like 5 times. And then he went and won anyway, but the delay helped.

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