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Primeval Championship Alpha Prelim
In perhaps the greatest upset in quite a while, the Alpha game ended with a victory by the lowest ranked player with the last chosen kingdom.

Congrats to Lojjin on his victory!

Victory By Rex Is The Black Dragon Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-15  Grand Total

          1     BL     Lojjin                    12,760      14,510
          2     NO     Imperial Tark              8,440      11,290
          3     AM     Canticar                   8,660      10,885
          4     AT     Son of Conan               6,340       8,000
          5     CI     Calidor                    4,840       6,548
From my perspective: Started quickly. Got my region R2 relatively fast and was all set to move right into R1 very early, but then I apparently forgot to save my orders (I think it was turn 5). That really hurt. Found the BL in R1 but he was also in R3. No way I could spin around to R3 even if I wanted to (travel is a bitch for CI) I had to go all out in R1. Took R1. BL voted for my issue. I voted for his. Without communication had to assume we were OK.

By this time the Nomads had 3 regions and I feared he would be targeting Amberland next so I just stocked emmies and built regional reactions in R4 and 5. My emmies could pop into R5 if the NO looked like he was moving, or R4 if an opportunity arose.

Shortly thereafter I see the AM pushed hard on the NO and now HE has 3 regions...

Well, I figure it was now or never and move into R4. Of course, this is my next bonehead move as for some reason I overlooked the fact I was not friendly there (could have sworn I had enamored at some point but maybe I delayed it once the NO had 3 regions). That really hurt as it delayed everything by a turn. What hurt even more was that the BL chose that turn to move on me in R2.

Given my limited mobility, there was not much to be done for R2, so I hoped that someone else would see what was happening and take advantage to move into R3 or R5. Meanwhile, I decide I have enough force in R4 and can move into R5 myself to try and backdoor the BL. Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 emmies I slated to do that were slept by the AM and I think all 3 kidnapped. Either way it blunted my push into R5.

I also failed twice in denigrate attempts on the BL... and quite a few wizard promotions. Just bad luck.

This last turn I moved everyone else into R5 in a last ditch effort to stop the BL but it was too little too late.

Not sure what I would have done differently other than the 2 errors (not saving orders and not being friendly in Torvale). Lojjin just timed his move on me perfectly.
That is a very strong group for sure. Well done.

Thinking of the next stage before other results come in. Wouldn’t it make more since to rank first on what turn the game finished and use the points as a tie breaker. My thinking is like above the game finished on turn 15. Lojjin dominated to win so quickly but if someone else wins by lions share on T24 they are almost for sure to get more points just by having an extra 9 turns of development of agents, wizards and leaders.
Yes its a very flawed championship system, but its free and can be fun. It can be won by anyone.
This was a fun game for me, especially since I had just recently come back to Alamaze.  I was very nervous entering into a contest with such experienced opponents of legend.

It took me a long time to gain control of Amberland since it felt like I was spread to the four winds with PC's in three regions and groups in two.  I decided to concentrate on R5, but I had a town and foreknowledge of two Artifacts in R1, so I thought R1 would be a great 2nd region even though it had such a large canopy of trees which my Dragons detest!

I had acquired a few PC's in R1 when the Cimmerions decided to move in.  I was in no condition to fight yet and decided to not put up any resistance (hoping they would let me at least keep the PC's I had earned).  So I did try to communicate peace by supporting the Cimmerians on the High Council.  Unfortunately, there was no way to be clear with my message, so they systematically took everything from me in R1.

While losing everything in R1, I moved into R3 and was able to secure control relatively fast and was prepping to move into Arcania instead of reclaiming my interests in R1 and was leaving the Cimmerians alone.  Then it became clear that the Nomads was a powerhouse and moving very quickly with three regions under his rather dusty belt.

I paused a turn and thought that I was the only Kingdom in striking distance to slow the Nomads down, then magically the Amazon Queen stepped in.  I supported the Atlantians on the High Counsel  fearing that if I moved in groups or emissaries that it would be viewed as hostile.

The Amazons where making quite a move into Arcania, so I moved in force into the Mists and prayed from then on.

I definitely took advantage of the Black Dragons movement advantage and played as a balanced Kingdom (with the exception of wizards).  I kept losing them in PC battles and Unusual sightings.

Thank you for a fun game.

As the NO, I used my great mobility to race out of the gates. I had S. Sands on T3, Arcania on T6, and Synisvania by T9. I'd also managed to pick up a few artifacts along the way, raised my wizards to moderate levels, got some veteran brigades to recruit companions with, and gotten three devout HPs. Then the wheels fell off. I had taken Synisvania about a turn before the Atlantians went after it, we would be locked in battle for that region for the rest of the game. While my speed placed me in a commanding lead it also put a giant bullseye on me, both the Atlantians and Amazons responded to that call in Synisvania and Arcania respectively. What I had expected (hoped for) was the that the Cimmerians who had just taken Oakendell and the Black Dragon who had just taken the Talking Mountains would plow into the backside of the Amazons and Atlantians (given their geographic positioning) and take a lot of heat off of me. But that didn't happen for many turns and I was locked in a 2 on 1 long enough for me to start losing serious assets. Eventually, the Cimmerians threatened and then took Torvale but not before the Amazons had done extensive damage to me (taking Arcania for me). While I managed to hold on to 2nd place, the timing of events just didn't pan out the way I had needed them to, and doomed me. It also didn't help that I tried to raise two 6th level wizards to 7th level and failed both 50% attempts.
Congrats to Lojjin who recovered from a slow start to take it all!
Yeah part of the delay was just due to the PC locations.  R1 was all up in row A which really slowed my repositioning to hit R4.  I was also happy to let the AM beat on you until he got 3 regions.  I really thought someone was going to push into R5 but that never happened.

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