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Moving Out
I'm going to be a little scarce for a week or so, as Mrs. Vor and I have decided to relocate from Minas Morgul to Minas Tirith.  We got a good deal on the old tower and looking forward to new digs with a new gang of minions.  Its a bear packing up all the wagons and making sure the potions are organized.  Hopefully the disruption isn't more than a week or so and I might be able to send a raven here and there.

We'll miss the old henchmen but we'll look forward to inciting rebellion in the new tower.  

Mike will address any issues in between working on Amoricia in the meantime.
Enjoy your new digs!
Blah moving.

I remember last time I moved playing Alamaze at the local McDonald’s for about a week.

Now it is so easy to just create hotspots with your Phone
Ahhhh.  We have arrived at the Hornburg in Rohan, where we will setup shop until the updates to Minas Tirith are complete in two months. 

So, now back to working with the one called Mike to bring to life the World of Amoricia.
Welcome back, be observant on your travels and beware of Rock Trolls....

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