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Long outages of order entree
I appreciate that it is rare that Alamaze goes down due to a glitch of some sort.   But when this happens could games due to run within the next say 12 hours be automatically pushed another 12 or 24 hrs before processing once the issue is resolved.

I know the normal line is get your turns in early.   But I was up 8 hrs before my turn was due and now missed a turn in the championship game.
Oh that sucks... I was actually still logged in so I was able to get my orders in.
There wasn't an issue with the order entry website. Players shouldn't had any problems entering/submitting their orders for a game. I only disabled the game engine software (which processes the turns) to resolve a different issue. When I enabled the program, games resumed normally.
It was down when I tried it. likely before you started working on the the issue with the forum game. Someone else had emailed me as well about there changes not going through around the same time. I did not spend the day figuring out when it was or was not working.
I don't know why I have to argue this point but the web site wasn't affected by my changes (only the turn-processor program). I just checked the web site area and no errors were reported of failures. Checking the timestamps on certain files, there were about 20+ players that submitted their turns yesterday during that time so it looks like others didn't have an issue with their orders. Anyway, get your orders in early to avoid problems with your network connection.
Can anyone else access the order entry site?   I just completed a turn for a duel and went to switch to another game who's turn is due in a few hours and it seems the site is down.
I tried switching browsers.

Can anyone else get on?

Here's the message:
Failed To Retrieve Security Credentials From Server

Resolved itself

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