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Thoughts on Strategy after a year of playing
Ryvor asked some of the top players to answer these questions about a year ago.  I found those posts to be a treasure trove of info that I use to this day.  In light of that I figured I would give my thoughts on those questions now after about a year here!

1.    Name three things you think helped you enjoy Alamaze and explain why these were important.

a.      Reading all the tips and help threads!!!  Also the ability to ask questions in the "Newbie" thread is very helpful!
b.      Join team games!   They are absolutely wonderful ways to bounce ideas off other players and get feedback.
c.     Understand the order in which things happen.  Check the 3rd Cycle player aid when in doubt! Or read the Orders/Rulebook for clarity

2.  Can you describe your preferred style of play?  Aggressive, patient, defensive?  Military, Magic, Political, Economic, Covert?  Artifact Hunter?  Is there an area you tend to ignore independent of kingdom?

I am still feeling my way around.   I think it's best to play to your Kingdom's strength than trying to bend them to your playstyle.  In general I tend to move in large increments.  That means I set a goal of getting my first region and go after it fast.  Then I usually (depending on Kingdom) will take a breath and pause while waiting for an opportunity.  I prefer not to engage half-assed. If I stab someone I want them to die and not linger around. This is not always possible and has certainly cost me in a few games. 
I understand the power of artifacts but generally do not have time to really get a bunch. I tend to get most of mine through conquest Smile

 3.     Do you have a few favorite kingdoms in Full-On?  In Anonymous?  What makes them favorites and why does it vary by format?

I'm still playing some for the first time.  That said, balanced kingdoms such as the DA or EL are my favorite.  They really don't have much of a weakness. I also tend to pick locations more often than specific kingdoms.  As they say, it is better to have the smallest house in the best neighborhood than the largest house in a bad one. Team games are a bit different as you have other folks you can rely on to fill your weaknesses and guard your flanks.  In those games I seem to prefer going the specialist route.


4.  What do you see as mistakes you have made strategically and tactically?  (not things like making mistakes on orders: deliberate decisions that are sub-optimal).

Ignoring Agents was one big mistake I learned early.  Nothing quite like having an experienced player decimate 75% of your political power in one turn to open your eyes!   

Also I have learned to plan my turns not necessarily based on what I think is the best/quickest path to victory for me personally, but to look at each turn through the eyes of my opponent and see what I would do in their situation. 
One that I have avoided (thanks to VBall Michael in the original thread) is falling into the trap of defending lost property.  Do not get personally attached to your holdings. If someone engages in one of your regions, he has planned for it and likely has the edge.   Fighting there may be on his terms, so why do it?  If he is weak elsewhere you should pivot there.

5.      How do you like to organize your groups, say if you have 4 groups and after turn 3?  How many group transfers do you make?

At the start I try to use every group to it's max. If there are inactives I will transfer to make them a patrol. I will forcemarch every group on turn one. That one extra space explored could mean the difference between getting your region on turn 3 or 4.  Then I like to organize into "kill" teams and "training" teams.


6.      Name a few things about Alamaze that have made you a fan of the game.


I love the multitude of starting positions.  I am not looking for a game where every player is a mirror to each other.  I want to see some strengths and weaknesses.  Also, the additions such as the online order entry site have been huge bonuses.  That site has caught many... many... silly mistakes before they hurt me.  The Snapshot has a chance to similarly elevate the game experience.


7.   You have one wish for Alamaze.  It is what?

Sorry this will be 2.


The first is to see Maelstrom given some publicity to enable the community to grow.  We are simply too small.  You see this in many games where folks have grudges.  It's just a symptom of such a small community.  We need a few hundred players.  That would be ideal in my eyes.

The second would be for some way to duplicate the old "postcard" method of communication.  I loved getting those small cards each turn.  I also loved that they could be forged.  Perhaps the order entry site could some day have this functionality as well (maybe limit the number of messages each turn).



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