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A few Broad Stroles, Part II - Magic

New classes, wandering wizards, increased spell list differentiation, kingdom and wizard class spell lists, spell list revisions, specific spell revisions, about 40 new spells. 
Introduction of Cantrips: the ability of high level wizards to cast one low level spell free – without counting as the one spell cast.  Limited until the highest levels to a few selected power 1 and 2 spells.  For example, a wizard who can cast Raven Familiar at Power 1 might be able to cast it free as a cantrip at Power 3 and still cast a P1 – P3 spell on the same turn.  Cantrips are different than intrinsic abilities as they must be cast.
Introduction of Scrolls.   Scrolls are a one-time use magic that can be used by any character.  If used by a magic user, their use doesn’t count as a spell cast.  Some scrolls may be selected as a customization option, some may be found among the treasure in unusual sightings, some may even be created by high power mages of certain classes.  Some scrolls may be triggered/used automatically on a condition; for example a Resurrection Scroll is triggered (consumed) when its possessing character is killed: the character is returned to Weary health: cannot perform a sole action in the same turn if he hasn’t already.  Rare scrolls may allow a kingdom the opportunity to cast a spell not normally available to it.

Unaligned (wandering) wizards found in unusual encounters and agreeing to join a force retain their wizard class spell list in most cases, rather than assuming those of their kingdom.  This may also be the case for the highest powered starting wizard of a few kingdoms like the Halflings and The Tyrant.
New wizard kingdoms include The Elementalist and The Conjurer.  Lesser new classes include Seer, Healer, and Witches.  Witches are immobile and always in the wild and of dubious loyalty. 
Magical Prowess:
                              Assured Power  Research $          P4          P3          P2          P1          A
Supremacy                         9             6000                                    1             3             1             1
Mastery                              7             8000                                                   2             2             1
Advantaged                        7             9000                                                   2             1             2
Standard                            6             10,000                                                1             2             1
Substandard                       6             11,000                                                               2             2
Disadvantaged                    5             12,000                                                               2             2
Non-magical                       5             13,000                                                               1             3
General Notes:
·        Changes to both Assured Power and starting wizards in Maelstrom.  Some of the changes include increased Assured Power to Advantaged and below, a reduction in high powered starting wizards, and all kingdoms start with at least 4 wizards/adepts.

·        Significant differentiation between kingdom spell lists and not all spells will eventually accrue to all kingdoms. 

·        Starting wizards generally reduced by 1, but no kingdom starts with less than 2 adepts and a Power 1. 

·        Wizards active (Participate #139 or Casting Spell in Encounter which is also required for any intrinsic ability to trigger) give from 6 to 10 points per Power Level to their Patrol depending on the kingdom’s Magic Prowess.

·        Less dispersion in starting adepts and wizards.  Reasoned that the cost and spell list differences are enough without giving the wizard kingdoms extra wizards or the less magical, fewer.   Lower starting power with some P1’s becoming adepts.

·        Lowest Assured Power is now P5.  Wizard Tower improvement needed to research Power 5 and higher.

·        An alternative choice instead of a 50% chance of exceeding maximum assured power, a kingdom can exceed its assured maximum by 1 level with certainty by paying double the normal cost with the wizard at the currently assured maximum conducting Intensive Research in a wizard tower.

·        Each class of wizards has strengths and weaknesses reflected in their total spell lists and the power level required to acquire some spells.  For example, a weakness of the Necromancer is nature spells and the Necromancer might never acquire the Eagle Familiar spell.

·        Wizards have fewer Companions. 

·        Skeptic is a trait effecting most Magic Supremacy kingdoms and others.   All HP actions, hiring, constructing temple, are at 150% of normal costs.
Love the cantrip concept, will they count against order limitations?
(03-01-2018, 11:08 PM)Acererak Wrote: Love the cantrip concept, will they count against order limitations?

No, they will be free like transfer orders.  Only one cantrip per qualifying wizard per turn.

It will be interesting to get the players' opinion on whether wizard kingdoms are stronger or weaker in Maelstrom, i.e., the continuation of a fun and long-lived debate.  It will likewise be interesting to see how many times those opinions change as more of the new game is digested.
The Witch concept is cool. I like the idea of squares that are non pc that have significance. Like the Phoenix but for all kingdoms to want to try to visit.
You mean, like pools of healing (spa sort of)....similar to a fountain of youth maybe?
I would like to see invisible army group only for tge IL kungdom. Power 8 or 9?
They have it for free at there hidden capital.
Lots of nice ideas here.  Thanks Ry Vor.
(03-02-2018, 04:21 PM)RELLGAR Wrote: I would like to see invisible army group only for tge IL kungdom. Power 8 or 9?

I see contentment in your future....
How’s things going on the Maelstrom front? Think this is the last post. Would love to see the Alpha soon!

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