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A Few Broad Strokes, Part I - Character Focus
Maelstrom Approaches

March, 2017 we began the forum "Specific Design Ideas for Maelstrom". Now, a few days short of a year later, we are ready to begin releasing the exciting final and near final design concepts new for Alamaze 4th Cycle: Maelstrom. These will be released gradually over the next few weeks. Discussion is welcome and encouraged, and don't think because a new section is added that previous threads are closed. Post when the mood strikes. Encourage your old rivals on sabbatical to visit the forum and reignite their Alamaze fire. We hope you are as excited as we at the anticipation of a such a bold, new world in the universe of Alamaze.



Almost all commands are issued by characters, with some administrative exceptions like Customization, ESO setting, transfers.  Forces move with a leader but may also move at a MP penalty with no leader.
All character types may be located in PC’s.  Leaders may use their abilities to aid in defense and/or construct Normal PC Improvements.   Naval Officers may be in PC’s and can build Normal class PC improvements, but do not add to PC defense. 
All character types may join a force as its base, subject to the availability of slots.  All characters other than leaders and wizards must be in an available Special Character slot in the force (of which there are three.)  For some character types, this may only be a sound choice in order to relocate them to a PC out of range or perhaps protect them from invading forces.  Note most special character types can only perform their special missions within controlled PC’s.
As with forces, all character types except Rulers may join a fleet, subject to available slots.  Each fleet has the same available slots as a force, though Naval Officers replace Leaders.

There are more than a dozen new character types, most considered Special Characters.  These include Goddess, Heroes, Engineers, Sages, Seers, Dragons, Giants, Healers, Witches, and Personalities (such as the Greatest Gladiator, or Greatest Mathematician).   Players can avail themselves of these and their special abilities throughout the campaign.

Turn 0 is 50% Mid-Summer, 50% Mid-Winter.  Instead of regions determining seasons, the map latitude does, so Winter is for rows A-M, and Summer for rows N-Z.
Cultural Victory.  Certain Status Points also are awarded to a new category called Culture Points.  When the campaign is won by Rex or Lion’s Share, the kingdom with the most Cultural points receives bonus Status Points and a Cultural Gold podium place in the new Valhalla category for Culture.  Second place receives a silver in Culture podium and third a bronze.

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