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Game 51 Warlords
A reminder about the rules for this game now that it's started. In particular, the no Sea Patrols on T1 and all HC motions must have a secret ballot or everyone must Abstain on the vote!

1) Ally declarations, trades, and gifts are only allowed between your own three Kingdoms
2) No HC issues are allowed to help another player's Kingdoms
3) All HC issues must be by SECRET ballot, and if a player accidentally proposes an open ballot issue, all players must abstain on that vote (i.e., it fails)
4) No drops before T20 (i.e., orders issued through T20)
5) Notify everyone as soon as you decide to drop, rather than allowing the computer to do it
6) No sending messages to other players by using new character names
7) No Sea Patrols on T1
8) Anonymous (so nobody knows who is playing which kingdoms)
9) 7 regions to win

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