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#524 Victory Condition
Game 524 victory condition was originally defined as Rex Only (which means no Usurper victory possible). If we have consensus and Ry Vor approves, I can redefine this game to have Normal victory conditions (Rex, Usurper, Lion's Share). Post your comments here (not sign up queue since that doesn't show which game it pertains to).
Normal victory please
Normal Victory please
REX only, as that is how it was labeled for 25 turns now.
Though the small print does mention Usurper, the title is clearly Rex only.
RA votes for Rex! Usurper is for wimps. Rex is a more manly win.
(10-27-2016, 08:05 PM)unclemike Wrote: RA votes for Rex! Usurper is for wimps. Rex is a more manly win.

Hear, hear. The DA votes with the RA for Rex. And correct me if I am wrong and I mean no offense, but I believe Atuan is not an active player in this game at this time so not really sure why he is voting on a victory option.
I was trying to vote for 523
I am purely voting what the I think is fair based on what is listed in the forum at signup and what is printed on the turn sheet.
No offense at your vote JF. It is a valid option. I am voting for Rex Only based on the way I read the turns saying Rex Only. It actually might be in my interest to pursue the lesser victory. And thank you Atuan for clearing that up that your vote is for another game.
That being said when I signed up for the game, nowhere in sign up did it state it would be for Rex Only. I would state if those things are planned they need to be stated before setup.

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