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Valhalla Online
Valhalla Online Is Now Available !!!

The Valhalla Online site is a fully automated system where the database is updated by the server whenever a game completes so you may look up a game ending report or other statistical information at any time!!

You may use any browser to view the site including Internet Explorer (tested with IE 11).

Depending upon the type of Valhalla report being generated, some displays will have a scrollbar where the leftmost headings will remain locked in place as you scroll horizontally. Look up a player with a lot of games like Imperial Tark or Jumpingfist to see the effect. Since these reports will have their left side locked in place, the browser's full screen mode will not properly expand the display to fill the entire area so it's best to view the report in normal viewing size.

Post your comments on what you would like to have added to the site and I'll see what I can do but keep in mind that once all the games have been migrated to the new SQL system, this website will be finalized as an official release. Since the SQL version of the game isn't compatible with the older one, once the games have been migrated to the new system, the PDF version of Valhalla will be replaced by this website due to incompatibility issues with the data. So post your comments about this site in the next few weeks before the migration effort is completed if you would like to see other info being included in a particular report or such.

Some explanation here: Under the player/kingdom reports, certain victory medallions are awarded but not all games types will have them. Team games (Magic, Warlord, Titan) are awarded to all members on the team (1st place gold). Duel games are similar with only one medal being awarded to the winner of the match. However single player games like Steel, Primeval, Confluence, and the 20 Kingdom Slugfest are awarded 1st-3rd place medallions. Look up a player like Netstrider who has medaled in every game!

Hope you like it Smile
It look great, and I have no issues opening this page at all.  The only thing I saw a little odd, I did a search of the SA and it looked like I got some BL results mixed in.
the current valhalla has titles and breaks out 12 person games from duels etc when looking at status point totals. Personally I like some of the features of the new and some of the features of the old. Both are extremely well done Smile
(10-04-2016, 02:25 PM)Rogal Wrote: It look great, and I have no issues opening this page at all.  The only thing I saw a little odd, I did a search of the SA and it looked like I got some BL results mixed in.

That's just the corresponding kingdom for that region. Ry Vor wanted to see how often each kingdom is selected in each region so that's why that stat is in the kingdom listing. So when you view SA, you'll see how often the corresponding BL is chosen in region 5 (and vice versa).
Can you fix the scrolling in Chrome. Normally I can use my scroll button as I can on this site. However on the Valhalla portion I have to go to the right and drag the bar down. Now this could work in IE, much like I can download the PDFs in IE but not in Chrome.
Did a quick search on scrolling problems with Chrome and this may help:

The above link says:

This is a known bug in Chrome 32.0.1700.76 m on Windows 7 but until that is fixed, there is a quick (4 clicks) fix:
  1. Right click the Chrome icon on your Windows Desktop
  2. Click Properties
  3. Select the Compatibility Tab
  4. Check "Disable Visual Themes" (Click OK to acknowledge)
You're done. The next time you start Chrome from the Desktop, the scroll will function just as before.
If you have Chrome pinned to the task bar or Start menu, then instead of 1. and 2. , you'll have to:
  1. a) Right click on the pinned Chrome icon
    b)Then again right click on "Google Chrome" (just on top of the option "Unpin this program from ...")
  2. Click Properties.
it does work with IE. I am on windows 10 as such I had to check the disable display scaling on high DPI settings. But it works now for what I was looking for.


Added the following to Valhalla Online:
  • Added average points per game for All Players reports
  • Added more columns for All Kingdoms reports (for Ry Vor)

  • Changed Best Player reports to Honor Roll (just name change)

  • Added Kingdoms Played reports in the Players dropdown list to show the kingdoms played by each player in the various game formats. These reports take a while to generate depending upon server response times so please be patient. As the player base grows, it'll be more difficult to see the top header section area which shows the kingdom names so I'll look into making the top banner to be fixed in place as you scroll down the page.
If you wish to see a player with multiple podium finishes in the new report, select All Players - Overall Kingdoms Played in the Players dropdown list. Wait about 20 seconds or so to generate the report. Slide the top scrollbar all the way to the right so that Necromancer is at the left. Scroll down to Imperial Tark and you'll see that he played the Necromancer kingdom three times of which he took 1st place twice (gold) and once as 2nd.

Press your browser refresh button at the Valhalla Home page to pick up the latest version. Works fine with Internet Explorer 11.
Made a quick change for Ry Vor where the Kingdom reports are sorted by average points rather than total points. Changed the following:

   All Kingdoms - Overall Pts
   All Kingdoms - Single Pts
   All Kingdoms - Team Pts
   All Kingdoms - Special Pts
   All Kingdoms - Duel Pts

Since there wasn't a request to do otherwise for the player point reports, I left them alone so those reports are still being sorted by total points rather than average points.

Press your browser refresh button at the Valhalla home page to pick up the new version.
Received some emails on why the "Kingdoms Played" reports take so long to generate (avg 20 seconds). We need to consider that there are 99 players x 24 kingdoms x 4 queries per set (query1 for total number of games played as that kingdom, query2 for number of 1st places, query3 for 2nd places, and query4 for 3rd places as that kingdom).

So nearly 10,000 database lookups per situation and that's utilizing SQL's built-in COUNT function (which is more efficient than if my code did the counting itself). I've tried to combine the 4 queries but it has nearly the same delay in searching the database for the specified criteria. Also the code is unable to distinguish a currently active player from one who's taking a hiatus (or not really interested and only played a single game) so the program has to check each criteria every time or the report won't be complete.

On average, that amounts to about 0.18 seconds per player. That doesn't sound bad until you consider that the program has to check 100 players which pushes the total time to 18 seconds. The delay will only get worse as more games are completed and registered in Valhalla. Same if players decide to create multiple personas for themselves (which is fine btw), just consider those additional personas will end up causing a further delay for the comprehensive Kingdoms Played report.

The other Valhalla reports (other than Honor Roll which also checks for the entire player list) are fast because they only lookup your personal Valhalla record or the information for a single kingdom. So they don't have this extended delay problem like the Kingdoms Played or Honor Roll reports.

I'll attach a sample log.

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