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2nd Forum Only Diplomacy
(PI) Opps , you did not mean that towards me.

"Lord, an emissary from the Pirate king has come to beg for land."

"I see you are auditioning for the part of the fool.

"No your highness, he wishes to see what you will give him."

"Ah he is negotiating.  Surely the King of the Pirates of Avalon is demanding a port for use of one of his more talented cut-throats.  Has he already stakes his claim on the island city or is he letting the holy man take it"

"My Liege it seems the Tyrant Child has claimed it"

"Orcs with boats, now you truly are jesting me, show the Pirate Kings runner in so we can begin negotiations"

The Sea shall be yours and all the population centers in it.  For this I will have access to two cut-throats which you will train.  I will give you targets when the time comes and you will pick amongst those targets.  
Please note my offer is for all of the seas to which my influence covers, should my influence increase so shall your holdings.  Those two cut-throats won't be bound by other arrangements nor shall my kingdom be a target of your cut-throats.  If you come in need of assistance, you need but ask and the Lord of the Forest will assist as best he can.

Atuan - Lowly Centaurian Scribe
(09-02-2016, 08:37 PM)Acererak Wrote: (NO)

NO - RA : I have a town in Arcania I might be willing to trade for one in the Sands if you have one. Do not reveal the location as of yet...I might prefer to see if we run across something we could use as a mutual point of reference. I would like to propose a NAP for 6 full turns as starters. Agreed?

NO - LI: Greetings, I would like to secure my Northern Border and propose a 6 turn NAP with you as well.

NO- WA: I can secure your food supply for the upcoming Winter. Happy to help. I would do so basically gratis in return for goodwill and possible help in the future. No need to return during Summer.

NO- PI: Let me see what I turn up in the Sands. I am most likely happy to offer you a village in my region in return for goodwill. The Nomad people find kinship with your free living ways. Let our relationship start after I secure the region and will look to give you a village then. Good?


Ra - No: I do have a town to trade you and can agree to a 6 turn NAP

RA -LI Do you have a village in Arcania you would like to swap for one in Synisvania?  I can also offer a NAP and save you some recon work as I move a force back to Arcania.
(NE) Red mage of the Talking Mountains(WA), our simple holdings in YOUR region lay far to the East GY. These simple peasants have known only the lash of my overseers, and would rejoice in the light of your Rule. We too are the simple pervayers of the magical arts and only wish peace and joy to our neighbors. A special thanks to(DU) Atuan the Centaur of Oakendell for his generous information on expediting our exchange of territories. His kindness knows no bounds, and will be rewarded with any information I obtain as I leave his Home.
To my soon to be friend Rogal (PI), what is a simple village or so among friends. Your presence in the Sea of Terror can only bode good things for our kingdom in the sharing of future information and equatable trades. The (SA) to my immediate South have been somewhat silent as to our disposition as Neighbor's, but let me reassure Rellgar that we simply desire peace and time to learn and prosper.
(PI) - Most interesting offer I see said the Druid to me.  Is the gift I am offered zero, one, or three. In this game of chance I accept your wager, but know this old Pirate tale was once told by me.   The Underworld kingdom once ruled the unwanted peoples of this land long ago. Not a single bad deed would go unknown that they did not know.  His secrets he had put a price on his head.  A price so grand, he was drug out to sea.  In the water he drowned with his deeds of deceit. His gold is now mine as is his crown upon my head. My fate will not be like his, for the deeds will be known, if you put a price on someones head, be warned, for the tale that could follow might not be just my head at the bottom of the sea. I accept your offer Druid, and if you would like, you may even name your kill teams to be, for they will be your agents but operate with me.
(PI) - Oh powerful Red Mage, thank you for your offer, and with your great gift, I will help keep the water ways open for all the free peoples to use.  Patrols, ferry ways and trade will be open in your lands so that we both can profit and benefit for all.
(DU) - PI I shall leave the naming of said teams to their mothers. Lets them stay secret, wouldn't want them being located.

I shall send the locations as soon as I know them and we shall figure out a code to use from there to trade information.

Atuan - Lowly Centaurian Scribe
(PI) - Just so everyone knows, I will honor the spirit of the game and not communicate outside of these message boards. My poor attempts at being a Pirate was to let those who care know my limitations in a form only game.
(09-02-2016, 09:46 PM)Rogal Wrote: (PI) - Oh powerful Red Mage, thank you for your offer, and with your great gift, I will help keep the water ways open for all the free peoples to use.  Patrols, ferry ways and trade will be open in your lands so that we both can profit and benefit for all.

(DU) - This is the Wraith Lord and not the Red Mage.

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