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3rd Cycle The Choosing Rules & Resources
Player Aids

A very useful set of Excel sheets covering a wide variety of charts and calculators.  Such things as calculating Incite and Usurp, Unusual Encounters, Parlay and Diplomacy, Agent mission success probability, and more!  Recommended for download and saving.

This file was just updated with lots of good stuff October 11, 2016.  Thanks again to Frost Lord for a lot of diligence, hard work, and attractive, informative info.

There was some difficulty making this available.  Through the admin interface I was able to increase the maximum file size for Excel files and the outstanding new player aids for 3rd Cycle: The Choosing should now be available.  See attachment.

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.xlsx   3rd Cycle Player Aids 2.xlsx (Size: 4.85 MB / Downloads: 155)

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