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3rd Cycle The Choosing Rules & Resources
The Maps of The Choosing

Here attached are the maps Resurgent and Centauria.  Download and save unmarked.  Then use the icons (drag) to the desired area on the map to mark known PC's, Groups and Unusual Encounters.  Save the maps you mark with a different name, likely the game number and kingdom.

Resurgent is used for all game formats and variants of four or more players.  At player request, the map includes regional borders.

The Centauria map is used for the Tutorial, Duel, and Solo games (when available).

There is also a player developed (unofficial) mapping utility that will automatically update your turn results on the map available with instructions on the web order entry site (Help Guides and 3rd Cycle Documents) to learn to use it and possibly download other files associated with it.  The file type is not permissible here on the forum.

Attached Files
.pptx   Centauria (two versions available).pptx (Size: 2.61 MB / Downloads: 75)
.pptx   Resurgent.pptx (Size: 1.41 MB / Downloads: 120)

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