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3rd Cycle The Choosing Rules & Resources
The Choosing:  Rules & Resources

The following are the documents for Third Cycle: The Choosing that provide The General Rules, The Commands, The Maps of Resurgent and Centauria, Player Aids, Kingdom Traits and Trait Matrix, Kingdom Summary Dossiers, Companion Brigade Summaries, Brigade Ratings, Brigade Special Abilities.

These all updated as of May 25, 2016.  Current documents are also maintained from the Order Entry Site, under Help Guides on the log-in page, and under 3rd Cycle Documents on the Home page of the order entry pages.  Easy access.

If it seems a bit overwhelming, the vital ones are the first three: The General Rules, The Commands, and The Maps.  All the rest are to aid players and provide reference materials on specific areas.

Thanks to all who participated in creating these materials, including of course Uncle Mike, Frost Lord, Lord Diamond, and Bananas.  Alamaze would not be the game it is without you.  Also continuing thanks to David Pitzel, who was instrumental in the establishment of The Resurgence.

This thread is not open to comments to keep it clean and just be an easy reference source.  Comments can be posted on a discussion thread.
The General Rules (attached). 

The General Rules explain the major concepts of Alamaze.  Vital for the beginning of understanding of Alamaze: The Choosing.  A comprehensive update from the previous General Rules version.

Updated 5/26/2016

Attached Files
.pdf   General Rules The Choosing.pdf (Size: 394.91 KB / Downloads: 80,158)
The Commands

The Commands list all individual commands and describe how they work and how they are issued in The Choosing.  It does not include spells or artifacts: those are revealed to players on their turn results for those with the capability to issue them.  See attached.
Updated 5/26/2016

Attached Files
.pdf   The Commands for The Choosing.pdf (Size: 492.56 KB / Downloads: 27,347)
The Maps of The Choosing

Here attached are the maps Resurgent and Centauria.  Download and save unmarked.  Then use the icons (drag) to the desired area on the map to mark known PC's, Groups and Unusual Encounters.  Save the maps you mark with a different name, likely the game number and kingdom.

Resurgent is used for all game formats and variants of four or more players.  At player request, the map includes regional borders.

The Centauria map is used for the Tutorial, Duel, and Solo games (when available).

There is also a player developed (unofficial) mapping utility that will automatically update your turn results on the map available with instructions on the web order entry site (Help Guides and 3rd Cycle Documents) to learn to use it and possibly download other files associated with it.  The file type is not permissible here on the forum.

Attached Files
.pptx   Centauria (two versions available).pptx (Size: 2.61 MB / Downloads: 75)
.pptx   Resurgent.pptx (Size: 1.41 MB / Downloads: 120)
Player Aids

A very useful set of Excel sheets covering a wide variety of charts and calculators.  Such things as calculating Incite and Usurp, Unusual Encounters, Parlay and Diplomacy, Agent mission success probability, and more!  Recommended for download and saving.

This file was just updated with lots of good stuff October 11, 2016.  Thanks again to Frost Lord for a lot of diligence, hard work, and attractive, informative info.

There was some difficulty making this available.  Through the admin interface I was able to increase the maximum file size for Excel files and the outstanding new player aids for 3rd Cycle: The Choosing should now be available.  See attachment.

Attached Files
.xlsx   3rd Cycle Player Aids 2.xlsx (Size: 4.85 MB / Downloads: 155)
The Kingdom Traits

The attached files lists and explains Terrain Adeptness, Magical Prowess, and the 24 Cultural Traits in The Choosing.

Also included is a handy Excel chart that summarizes which kingdoms possess which Cultural Traits.

Attached Files
.xlsx   Kingdom Trait Matrix.xlsx (Size: 12.98 KB / Downloads: 115)
.pdf   The Choosing Kingdom Traits.pdf (Size: 115.77 KB / Downloads: 376)
Kingdom Summary Dossiers

An easy summary of what each of the 24 kingdoms in The Choosing is about:  a description of the kingdom and its strengths, its traits, special abilities, available companions, summary of its kingdom brigade ability in each phase and defense rating, even the kingdom portrait, motto, and more!

Attached Files
.pdf   Kingdom Dossiers.pdf (Size: 1.21 MB / Downloads: 202,781)
Companion Brigade Dossiers

Curious about the 22 potential companion brigades and what they each are like?  Even what they look like?  Here you go.

File updated 5/26/2016

Attached Files
.pdf   Companion Brigade Dossiers.pdf (Size: 917.29 KB / Downloads: 141,314)
Brigade Ratings

Easy reference for the ability of all 56 brigade types available in The Choosing by combat phase and defense value.  In Excel.

Attached Files
.xlsx   brigade ratings.xlsx (Size: 13.41 KB / Downloads: 94)
Brigade Special Abilities

All non-kingdom named brigades, meaning recruited brigades, Companion brigades, and Summoned brigades have a special ability.
The attached file is a reference for what each of them are.

This file updated 5/26/2016.

Attached Files
.xlsx   Brigade Special Abilities.xlsx (Size: 11.8 KB / Downloads: 156)

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