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Death of a Warlord
Nim made Warlord on turn 4 of the game.He was the starting Marshall for the Halfling 1st Army. Sad to see him die to a town. <4% Casualties!

Assault by the 1st Halfling army group on the Amazons town of Camel Pass,
located in area $$ of Runnimede:

Paid informants revealed that Camel Pass offered a thick, surrounding wall of stone
about 10' in height, with deep ramparts that could support ballistas. Early in the day,
Warlord Nim the Shifter commanded his 1st Halfling army group to attack the town. The 1st
Halfling morale was boosted due to the valor of the Zamoran brigades. Across the field,
the wall defenders' forces saw the banner of the Halfling 1st group, it's pride. As the
attackers advanced through the lonely desert, the battle began. In the initial minutes of
battle, defending missilers were too few to concern the determined attackers. The Halfling
lines dealt out devastating losses upon the town's garrison. The large shields of the
Westmen troops within the 1st Halfling reduced opposing missile damage. Halfling wizards
dismounted scarcely past where the defensive missiles were falling and began an animated
incantation. Incanting forcibly @#$@#$@#$ presence magical impacted the course of
the battle. Ice blasts shot forth from him. Power-3 wizard $#%$#$#%# made a series of
intricate gestures. While invisible, his sorcery sent lethal sonic blasts directly into
enemy formations with impressive effect. Power-2 wizard $##$#$%# muttered a few words
in a foreign tongue. A faintly visible blue shimmering began to surround the troops and
noticeably lessened the effectiveness of the arrows of the defenders. Power-2 wizard
$%^#$#%$#$ began sorcerous incantations in an unknown tongue. A faintly visible blue
shimmering began to surround the troops and noticeably lessened the effectiveness of the
arrows of the defenders. The Halfling wizards dealt out noticable damage upon the wall
defenders. Early in the battle, defending missilers were ineffective against the superior
invaders. The Halfling lines dealt out tremendous casualties upon the town's garrison.
Within a few hours, the town defenses were obliterated and an unconditional surrender was
offered. The Halfling banner now waves nobly in Camel Pass! Halfling casualties were put
at 2.34%. Tragically, the Halfling Warlord Nim the Shifter was found dead in the vanguard
with many wounds. #$%#$#$%#$ again distinguished himself and has earned a promotion to
Grand Marshal. All the Halfling wizards survived the fray. The troops are eager for
further glory: morale is up!
Yep, warlords are not immortal. If you want your leaders to survive every encounter/combat then convert them into nazgul.
Well, for a Halfling Warlord Nazgul is out of the question. Some magic armor/shield is what is needed.
Still, at 2.34% casulties thats a bad roll.
A shame no body could learn from a battle that just reduced the groups strength by 25% because it was not blooded enough. ranking leaders do seem to die more often than the damage %. I had asked before if your using tac 3 does this give a flat % increase in death rate vs a making it 25% more likely
Would explain why high ranking leader keep dying in battle the troops are not even allow to be promoted from. Issue a tactic 2 if you are above 3:1 ratio. Should still win the battle and give less risk to leaders and casters.
That's a great point, JF. There are a lot of great things and changes in Third Cycle, but the blooded thing is still my least favorite part. I would be fine if percentages for leader/troop advancement were reduced (even to a quite low number) if losses below a certain percentage were suffered, but to make it impossible due to an arbitrary threshold is honestly somewhat annoying. Especially if your dudes are still dying (my P3 at 0.20% casualties, Rytek's Warlord at 2.34% casualties, etc.).
Its always nice when you leader or wizard is blooded but your brigades are not Smile
(05-11-2016, 02:09 PM)Atuan Wrote: Its always nice when you leader or wizard is blooded but your brigades are not Smile

Blooded is only part of the goal however.  You must also have a long enough battle to train your troops.

Recently took a town that was described as what you might expect as the capitol of a lesser kingdom.

Losses were  about 10% (1.2 brigades) but the battle was too short to train any troops.  Frustrating for sure.
I assume most of these posts are supposed to be humorous.  Various unrelated concepts.  Blooded applies only to brigades, and I have answered those questions more than a dozen times.  25% has nothing to do with anything. 

Here is the probability of leader death in a group or PC battle before trait modification, artifacts, etc., as the percentage of loss the group sustains:

 Captain 100%

General 70%

Marshal 30%

Lord Commander 15%

Warlord 10%

Example: before trait mod, a general in a group taking 30% losses in a successful conquer of a town would face a die roll of 70% x 30% = 21% chance of death.
I am pretty sure they were discussing these aspects of the game amongst themslelves. I didn't see any calls for action. The Forums are our water cooler. It's where we talk about Alamaze; the good, the bad, and the tragic.

Losing poor Nim the Shifter in a skirmish is, indeed, a tragedy.
 Lord Diamond

Please do not take any of my comments as a personal insult or as a criticism of the game 'Alamaze', which I very much enjoy. Rather, I hope that my personal insight and unique perspective may, in some way, help make 'Alamaze' more fun, a more successful financial venture, or simply more sustainable as a long-term project. Anyone who reads this post should feel completely free to ignore, disregard, scorn, implement, improve, dispute, or otherwise comment upon its content.

Okay so a long those same lines. On encounters how many soldiers? It used to say about a dozen but I have had encounters where I lost 17 hand picked men and still won.

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