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#308 Primeval
Game 308 Turn 11. There was an issue today with this Primeval game due to it being incorrectly defined as a team-oriented victory condition (7 regions to win). I had to manually overwrite the setting with the normal victory condition so you should see different text towards the bottom of your kingdom turn reports today. So don't attempt to declare victory as a team (since none are defined for this game) and declare victory as normally (Rex or SVC) or wait until the end for Lion's Share (most status points wins).
I'm confused - this was supposed to be a team game. Are you saying we have to break the team so someone can win individually?
Primeval games cannot be team games, only Magic, Warlord, or Titan games may have team oriented victory conditions (e.g., control 7 regions among all team members to win).

For Primeval or other games, I guess you can simulate a team game by cooperating with each other (if this is a a friendly game) but the software doesn't support teams for primeval games. No teams were actually defined for this game when it was created (server game creation program won't allow it) though a player or two attempted to issue a team victory on turn 11 which crashed the program (since no teams are actually defined).

I had to manually reset the configuration for this game to have Normal victory conditions instead of Team so it could move on. 
This was set up as a west vs east team game. Not sure how it can be anything other than a 7 region team victory. And as we all declared a team victory I assume this game
Is done. Please
Rerun the turns accordingly. Should you feel it's not a team game then I refer you to the sign-up by Ry-Vor claiming at such

Atuan you can be rude to me if you like but I'm saying the software doesn't support that custom configuration. Primeval games are designed to have a mentor with four new players. Team games are Magic, Warlord, or Titan. The software doesn't support a custom mix if you try to combine certain aspects of the two.

I cannot redefine this game to be Magic for a team victory because it only has five kingdoms and Valhalla and other aspects of the game environment may rely on the full twelve kingdoms being around for a Magic game. So this game has to remain Primeval along with a single winner victory condition (e.g., Rex, SVC, Lion's Share).

If this is a friendly or informal game, the players can let us know who should be the conceded winner but it can only be a single kingdom, not multiple like a team game.
I was under the impression that this was a team game as well. It is currently 3 players v2 with the 2 each controlling one territory and the others 2, 2, and 3 with one region uncontrolled due to a drop.

Per the sign up post: "Diplomacy is within your three kingdom team only. Victory is by team only: a team controlling 7 regions in this case, or by total status points at the end of turn 24. This will be on the standard 4 days, 4 days, 6 days turnaround."

If only one kingdom can be declared the winner then I would be ok with declaring it for the ranger as he controls more territories than anyone else at this time.

As far as I know there were only 2 new players and they are on the same side. I don't see us turning things around Sad
We should probably go one more turn. The GN got his army/wizards into a great position vs the mighty 1RA. Might turn out pretty good for him.
Gnome player here.
Just checked in to hospital. In waiting room. Think appendacitis. Probably won't get orders in. So gg I guess. Was hoping 1
(04-30-2016, 09:09 PM)Rytek Wrote: Gnome player here.
Just checked in to hospital. In waiting room. Think appendacitis. Probably won't get orders in. So gg I guess. Was hoping 1

Thoughts with you Rytek.  Get well soon.
UM I'm sorry you took my post as rude. Trying to tell you that while the program might not allow for it, it was setup as such and everyone played with that assumption. So what do we need for the game to end at this point?

Rytek - hope everything goes well.

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