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The Choosing 1st Full-On
(06-10-2016, 01:26 PM)unclemike Wrote: It seems that the AN has quite a few friends in this game. Was 3 vs 1, now perhaps a 4th joining in some way? The Gnomes are tough though. Just wished my agents had more luck in taking out his wizards the other turn. Though I did have some favor go my way in capturing his emmys. Quite a few of them actually! Doing 150 then 155 in the same turn (with an invisible group which won't block emmys/capitals from relocating) so got a second chance at his guys. That must of hurt. Though I'm really starting to dislike that Magic Immune (Death) trait. It's hampering me more than you know and had to change tactics a bit. Oh well, bring on the 4th ally anyway, the Gnomes are game...

Wait so invisible groups don't block emissaries from moving and more importantly capitals from moving? hmm That information is going to be useful
From the 3rd cycle commands:
Capitol Relocation: Effective 4/16/2015: Ambushing or invisible groups will NOT block the relocation of a capital (including from conquest). However, any non-hidden unallied group capable of laying siege to the PC (its value vs. PC is greater than the PC defense) will prevent capital relocation to that PC.
Emissary relocation: An ambushing or invisible group will not block emissaries.

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