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506 - Emporia Primeval
Groan. I love it. Smile If you dare to attack the Halfling, I'm afraid you'll come up short!
Would it be a good idea to move a group back to my capital? When I hit 'verify orders,' it keeps telling me that I have reinforcements there.
yes you need to move a group there before turn5. and it can be inactive. I think there is an order process to tell you when reinforcements show up.
What happens if I enamor a region where I have unestablished influence?

Is enamoring a region where I have minor influence worth doing, if no other kingdom is trying to occupy it?
Yes, enamoring is often the critical first step before moving in force into a region. Sequence is often enamor (to, say, Tolerant) and divine pop center locations, enamor (to Friendly) and move in a swarm of emissaries to those pop centers, and then rebel if necessary or just proceed to usurping (either neutrals, or "two-step" for controlled pop centers).
Theoretically, if I gain control of three regions, can I use the rex victory order and win the game?
4 regions not 3. But yes you can claim victory with 4 regions and a 996 order.
What exactly defines "controlling" a region? Is there any way to check how many regions you control?
50% of the census in a region gives you control. Well just over 50% I would imagine.

Right under your influence on your turn sheet it shows a regional influence(how much control you have) what your region reaction is and who controls the region(NA) for uncontrolled regions.
I must say, waiting 6 days to get a turn back is rough! So much anticipation!

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