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My High Priestesses are dropping like flies.
There, I got that off my chest.
We have all been there. You will have a game where they last 10+ turns. In 3rd cycle they will not die.
(02-03-2016, 01:43 PM)Diamond Cutter Wrote: There, I got that off my chest.

i just had 2 die on 3 uses.   Sucks.... especially with the influence cost on HP's.

Looking forward to no more of this in 3rd Cycle.
In 3rd Cycle, the High Priestess doesn't die from divinations.  She has two additional health status besides "good":  "weary" and "Exhausted" (where she must rest a turn to get to Weary.  A High Priestess or Fool who is captured changes allegiance to the capturing kingdom (and at no gold or influence cost).  Also, see the refinement possibilities below with divining an artifact short name: can be by region and/or type and/or in the wild or in the possession of a kingdom.

Order #790  Divine artifact name has been changed to be narrower within a specific region if desired (so you may pick it up if it were nearby).  It is possible nothing will be divined if the restrictions dictate no artifact qualifying to the specs exist. For example, seeking a King artifact in Region 1 in the Wild may well turn up nothing, if there were no King artifact in the wild in Region 1.
Column A:  priestess ID
Column B:  leave blank (for random artifact) or artifact type (COVERT, WIZARD, ...etc)
Column C:  leave blank (to search entire map) or region number (1-10) to only search that region
Column D:  leave blank (for any artifact) or "W" for wild, "K" for kingdom-owned other than priestess kingdom
Resource Cost: 7,000 gold

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