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Off topic - Is the internet breaking apart?
Just wondering if others are seeing some of the stuff I see.   Without being specific, seems lots of finance companies websites are having a lot of downtime and screwed up "advancements". You'd think if any company wanted to get it right, it would be a finance company.  Even a closer example, for our eight players that are in our first Alamaze fantasy football league, Yahoo makes lots of mistakes, for example, before the TH night game started, they showed a player of mine, on the bench, who is on a bye, scored 4 points before the game he wasn't in had started.   Anyway, on that score, I will have to displace Lord Thanatos to make the playoffs.  Somehow I brushed past the dreaded Prancing Butterlies last week, and now face an equally fearsome team this week.  Sweat. 

We have some tech geniuses here on the forum.  Is there a real threat to the internet continuing as we know it in the next five years?
It's still working for me so far.

I have invested a decent amount in cyber security stocks because I do think cyber attacks will begin to come in force.
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