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195 - Forum Diplomacy Steel Rex
[EL to AN and TR] I will follow up with an RP post to the TR, but may need time to contact other kingdoms too. Thus - my proposal is in an OOC passage below.

The imposing man looked across Torvale's western from atop his crystal spire. Even after all these centuries, he was inspired by the beauty of the land.

The stone ridges to the north bore numerous scars. Fires littered their walls, speaking of caves where Trolls gathered before a new King. More lights flickered under twilight to the South, where one of the great human cities bustled with life and trade. This one bore a coastal people, who dyed their clothes Purple, Red, or Violet from the muds of their city shores.

Nearby, his guest sipped tea and waited for him to speak.

"Tell me again" he said. "Your queen - speak once more of what she intends."

Laerith put her tea aside and rose.

"Triesta shares your vision what might come. She acts now to prepare the goodly folk for the ruin that shall soon be here."

The Consul could see that this young Elf only guessed at the true extent of the threat. The Fallen already moved in the shadows, their whispers preying upon the hearts of any that let them in. Draechi crept with them, adding subtle thrust to these seeds of strife. Even the mists stirred for the first time in an Age; and the mightiest of bears fled swamps that moved with things best forgotten and left dead.

Even his dreams showed naught but ruin. Dragons rose, stirred from torpor by tidings of war, and conflagration followed. An inexorable flight of thick, impossible, ash-filled sky advanced from the East.

The world was coming to a war that would change life forever.

It was too soon. He was not ready!

"Your queen must know, my friend, that this Troll is the first of several such champions. It is they that will tip the balance. Not Eldar such as she and I."

The Wizard inspected Laerith and weighed her strength. Her head was bowing, giving way to fear that wracked her heart. Though she couldn't know the gravity of what was at stake, he thought, she could sense it. Perilous thoughts, perhaps overpowering thoughts, weighed heavily on the elf.

"Triesta needs to open her heart to letting this Troll... letting his people and him - indeed, all of the younger civilizations; expand and grow strong."

Laerith looked gravely at the crags to the North.

"My queen has seen this, too" she said. "I... I will visit them next, though I fear that may be a fool's errand. I...

Tears glistened in the young elf's eyes. Still, with steely resolve that inspired hope in the consul's heart, she looked towards the Trolls and declared:

"No matter the cost, I will do as you say." She straightened her body and looked to the stars above.

"I will do as I must."



- I propose peace between the AN, TR, and EL.
- I will share food and gold with each of you as needed through the Winter, and ask that you do the same if needed - though it looks like the EL have ample food and may not need help
- I will disclose my PC's in Torvale and withdraw my political presence there, that you can better establish an equitable distribution of PC's between you
- I ask that you give me time to conduct this withdrawal. Perhaps you can disclose PC's in Oakendell in exchange

To the Lord of the Blackest Doom Flight,

I, Bottlenose, the diplomatic liaison for the Gnomes, would like to pay my respects to you, our mighty neighbor to the East!

Our peoples have not historically been in conflict, and I would like to continue that trend of peace, if you are willing.

On behalf of the Gnomish Alchemical Monarchy, we would like to propose a non-aggression pact until the end of Spring or the end of next summer, as you prefer. Please let us know if this interests you.

Warmly, as is fitting toward the Lord of the Southern Sands,
Bottlenose, for the Gnomes

We are confirmed! I look forward to this era of peace and prosperity between our two great Kingdoms.

Bottlenose, for the Gnomes
GI King to ALL

Greetings all kingdoms on this open forum of diplomacy.

My liege, the Giant King Stonethrower wishes to make public the knowledge that he intends to move into the region of Arcania and wishes to assist the Warlock king in Amberland in exchange for an alliance.  My liege understands each kingdom must choose their own path of expansion and so if you travel to the lands of Arcania expect to find us there and waiting.
-This Khal Drogo, it's said he has a hundred thousand men in his horde

I propose a full alliance with your taking the water city and control of R5 and where I move into R8 and we both defend each other's territories.  In this way we may be able to trade each other food in the off seasons. What do you think?  If it is easier for you to take other territories instead of Avalon please let me know and we can plan accordingly.
-This Khal Drogo, it's said he has a hundred thousand men in his horde
"High Mage, we have heard from the Giants of the North. Apparently they are tired of the snow and mountains of the Northern Mists and wish to establish control in the lands of Arcania to the South. Our few agents in the Giant lands confirm this to likely be the case with the main forces of the Giant armies discarding their animal skins and making inquiry about the availability of Hawaiian shirts in XXXXXXXXXL sizes. They have expressed interest in a full alliance as well."

The Red Warlock ponders this news.

"That is not the best news, but it's certainly not the worst. I do not like that the Dark Mage will have available the full resources of an entire region to develop his own mages and armies. But I understand the Giants actions and, frankly, I've been to the Northern Mists and it IS incredibly cold and damp. Shiver. Send an envoy to the large ones and let them know that we will not interfere with their march to the south and if they could refrain from plundering any villages on the way that would be super sweet. Tell them that if they are successful in establishing in Arcania, there probably will be opportunities for trade, so that is good. Yes, let them know in the most sincere fashion that we will stand firm with our traditional allies and support them in their goals as they support us."
Definitely digging this thread.
On the whole experiment, I can see good and bad from it. Pretty much telling the whole world what you are planning, but most of it we could guess anyway.
Good luck, all.
Too bad my full plate did not allow me to partake in this one.
GI ---->WA

FYI:  GI starts in R5 and Amberland is that kingdom's traditional home, not the Mists.  (GI capital and village in R5 and no PC's in R2).  So leaving R5 for your control should be good news for you.  I would like significant to substantial in the region with you taking control.  I am leaving R5 to you because I don't want to go head to head with a newer player at the start.
-This Khal Drogo, it's said he has a hundred thousand men in his horde

To the Great King Stonethrower, Lord of the Peaks and Commander of the Ever Victorious Army,

Mighty One, we have received your recent declarations with great interest! Though my own liege is far more subtle than myself, I, Bottlenose, the diplomatic liaison for the Gnomes, have always believed that openness and honesty are most helpful qualities for productive discussions regarding matters of state.

You see, our own plans had been to move on Esteria Vale this very month. This was considered all the more important due to the reality of sharing our home region of Runnimede with the mysterious and powerful Underworld.

With that said, instead of moving on Esteria Vale, we would be happy to put our own interests aside and fully support your claim to Arcania, especially in the furtherance of friendship between our distinguished Kingdoms.

As a friend, we would hope that we could retain our own village in Arcania. We would also humbly request your assistance, Mighty One, in obtaining control of our own traditional homelands, if you would be so kind as to share with us certain farmlands you control in Runnimede?

We know that you normally desire southern farmlands to help feed your powerful troops, but in light of your recent proclamation, I trust that many of your bold citizen-farmers will already be flocking from Runnimede to nearby Arcania, which should hopefully provide a strong economic base for you in the south already.

If you are amenable to granting this small indulgence, you would certainly find a fast and loyal friend in the Gnomish Alchemical Monarchy! We eagerly await your reply, and until then, we remain

Your Diminutive Diplomatic Denizens of the Dell,
Bottlenose, for the Gnomes
(10-26-2015, 11:12 AM)VballMichael Wrote: Definitely digging this thread.
On the whole experiment, I can see good and bad from it. Pretty much telling the whole world what you are planning, but most of it we could guess anyway.
Good luck, all.
Too bad my full plate did not allow me to partake in this one.

OOC: I think the big benefit will be the lack of coordination in alliances and invasions, which will limit the 3v1 and 4v1 gang-up feelings.

With that said, I could easily see epic alliances being formed, both offensive and defensive, but they would be more along the lines of traditional high-fantasy, high-level strategy, rather than granular and coordinated tactics.

The other benefit would be that if these types of epic alliances form, it would hopefully be a bit more satisfying if they formed after diplomacy (and even role-playing).

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