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195 - Forum Diplomacy Steel Rex
Thanks Head Honcho for so quickly bringing to life this game, I look forward to it.

I'd like to suggest a few simple conventions for communication. At the start of each post, state your race in bold, so we know who is talking. (It will be much easier than remembering who is who.) Out of character, or non-role playing communications, be done using normal text. Role-playing text, including communications to other races, be done in italics. When addressing another race, make clear who you're addressing. This is the same convention used in another game that compelled me to suggest this public diplomacy format to begin with and it works well.

Good gaming!

Barry aka Vulkar
Very entertaining and clever all who have posted.  Pleased that you've been able to put your intentions and dealings in character: surpassing expectation!  Hoping to hear from a few other countries but the setups just went out this (Saturday) afternoon, so still plenty of time for the others to pipe in.
The Dwarven Lords of the Talking Mountains

The general's voice echoed loudly across the steep and distant walls of the King's council chamber.

"I implore you your grace, we must make haste for the portal and take our forces to the mountains of Runnimede! Only there can we hunt and kill the greedy Gnome, who so covets our precious gold! It must be our first priority!"

"We have but four brigades, General", Count Oraz replied. "Your grace, as your economic advisor, I must insist we first secure the Talking Mountains and establish our economic strength first."

"Preposterous!" bellowed the General. "It's Gnomish blood our people want, and they want it now! Not until our ranks are smashing the bones of Gnomish children shall we..." "Enough, General" interrupted the wizard Karizan. There will be time enough or vengeance, now is the time to mine the gold in the mountains and research the magics that shall allow us to prosper."

"Magic? Magic is for fools, Karizan. We're far better off developing our covert capabilities", countered agent Sword.

Silence fell upon the hall as the General's face darkened in anger. In the dim light of the great hall, the Dwarven King lifted his head. "Duke Seville, you've been quiet. War is quickly brewing in Alamaze, and we are surrounded by enemies. As my political adviser, what is your counsel?"

"Your grace, the Red Dragon has not been seen and doesn't seem to threaten our towns and villages. I'd heed the advice of your economic advisor and secure the mountains along with it's ample supply of gold. We should then leverage our economic strength to recruit more armies, hire more emissaries and develop friendships and alliances, thus preparing for a long campaign against any enemies that reveal themselves to us."

The King pondered his adviser's words while the wizard Karizan quietly attempted with some success to cast a spell of uncontrolled flatulence against the belligerent general.

"I've heard your counsel. We shall secure the mountains and open a dialogue with those races around us to see who shall be our friends and who shall be our foes. Send the first raven to the master of assassins, and offer him a bounty on the heads of the Gnomes." The King's advisers nodded in pleasant agreement, except the General, who sat uncomfortably trying to contain his sudden gastrointestinal discomfort.

"Gladly, your grace, I shall send a raven at once." answered Agent Sword, before hustling from the great hall.


Master of Assassins,

I bid your people good luck through the coming strife.

Our people are strong miners, and we have the gold with which you may grow your kingdom. I wish to offer a bounty on Gnomish heads, for the Gnome is a greedy, devious, amoral and treacherous creature. The Dwarven kingdom shall pay 5k gold for wizards, emissaries above the rank of governor and agents above level 4, 10k for the King/Queen, and 2k gold for lower emissaries, agents and adepts. It's my hope this bounty will encourage you to develop your covert skills at the expense of our natural enemy.

The King of the Dwarves

Hoo-hoo! I like your style, Lord of Daggers! What you suggest would make sense were you solely offering to defend me from invasion, but please note the bilateral nature of our relationship would also have me defend YOU from invasion. With that said, I do not have an objection to your Substantial presence in Runnimede, I would simply request an even closer accord.

I suggest a mutual alliance declared by the end of Fall, this would help the people of Runnimede love you even more, after I take control, and save you from spending large sums of gold to buy their favor. Indeed, I believe your nobles could take two additional towns, and your other emissaries and military groups two to three additional villages, even without a Friendly reaction level from the people.

Three towns and three or four villages should ensure your Substantial presence, but in the unlikely event it does not, I assure you my military recruiting campaign will put you over the top.

Aside from the agreement to defend each other in Runnimede, and an agreement not to take hostile actions against each other, I have no other expectations, although I can promise to be a purchaser of your services, and for a rate better than others will offer, I have no doubt. You will also receive a very favorable rate from me for any spells you might want cast.

Please let me know your thoughts, I am eager to reach a favorable understanding with my closest neighbor!
"High Mage, we have received numerous reports that ancient friends and foes stir amongst the long quiet peoples and creatures of Alamaze. The Dragons are stirring in the south (but thankfully not the nasty red ones in the north), Dwarven, Elven and Gnomish armies are mobilizing, there are even rumors of the Ancients and Trolls communicating", advisor Lightning Finger visibly shudders at this point, "about a division of the lands of Torvale. I am afraid this current period of peace may be coming to an end."

The Red Warlock sits upon his throne obviously deep in thought. The minutes stretch on with not the slightest sound to be heard. But no one in the room seems to find this unusual and indeed nearly everyone appears to be in the same trance-like meditative state as the High Mage sitting on the Throne of Staves. After what seems like hours, the eyes of the Mage re-focus on his advisor and then slowly scan the rest of the room. Somehow the others in the room sense this change and they also seem to return from wherever (or whenever) they were.

"Indeed. It seems like the great contest is once more upon us. I can detect traces of the Dark Mage's hand in all of this, but it is faint. He is covering his tracks well this time but I fear that will not last long. Clearly the forces of evil are mobilizing against the good and noble inhabitants of this land. But as it was last time, the forces of good will march to victory. Evil will never truly win in the end, although, it may seem like grim times before the contest is decided. Send our envoys to the corners of the land and try to discover the intentions of our long time allies the Elves, Dwarves, and Rangers of the March. The Giants are unpredictable brutes at best, but send an (expendable) courier to them as well. Make it very clear that the full might of the Red Warlock is ready to help the Giants form the first line of defense against the Dark Mage. I am nearly certain that the Dark One will try to cement his hold in the Mists of the North as he did last time. This must be prevented at all costs! Dispatch our agents as well to discover the movements of our ancient enemies that all of us know so well. Instructors of the Magic Arts, return to your chambers, dust off the ancient tombs and drill the apprentices on every form of battle magic that we have knowledge of. All of this must happen immediately. We have no time to lose."

And so it begins. From the shimmering Citadel of the Warlock, situated on the highest mountain in fair Amberland, couriers, emissaries, and agents gallop down the roads to the four corners of the world to their respective missions. Only time will tell what this cycle of violence will bring. Will all the peoples fit into their time honored roles? Or will the kingdoms adjust their ethics and morals to suit their immediate desires and fears? Time will tell.

To the King Under the Mountain,

Although our peoples have a history of strife, I, Bottlenose, the diplomatic liaison for the Gnomes, would respectfully like to propose the turning of a new page in our relationship. I have no expectations for you to trust me, so I will simply offer by our actions that we will not make any hostile maneuvers against you.

Should you simply be willing to reciprocate, we will be at peace.

Should you choose not to reciprocate, that is your prerogative, and we will respond in kind. But as we consider the sweep of history and the future records of our people, never let it be said that we, the Gnomish Alchemical Monarchy, did not make an effort toward peace.
(10-24-2015, 09:51 PM)HeadHoncho Wrote: (GN-AN) To the Wise and Esteemed Consuls,

We bring you greetings from the south! I am Bottlenose, diplomatic liaison for the Gnomish Alchemical Monarchy. We hear you are now receiving goodwill missives, and are glad to send you tidings of peace and harmony. As our history has shown, we are somewhat insular and not often found outside of our mountains. Certainly we have no designs on Torvale, and I hope the same could be said of you toward Runnimede.

To emphasize our point, we are happy to offer a pact of non-aggression with you, lasting until the end of winter, spring, or next summer, as you prefer. Please let us know if this is of interest to you. Best wishes, and until we hear from you, we remain

Your Short, Stout, and Salubrious Southern Stalwarts,
Bottlenose, for the Gnomes


Bottlenose we are happy to accept this pact to the end of next summer.  We will have no plans towards the Gnomes of Runnimede.  
(10-24-2015, 11:25 PM)Thudargh Wrote: (UN-AN)

Greetings my musty and Ancient comrade!  I have heard whispers that you are seeking peace with the Underworld.  All things can be had for a price.  The exact cost depends on what you mean by peace.  Are you looking for an immunity from specific depredations?  For a particular amount of time?  Do you wish to pay extra so that others can't overbid your contract?


Master of Shadows, We seek immunity from actions against our kingdom, nobles and agents until the end of the next three full spring seasons(T34).  Likewise we will offer the same towards your kingdom and peoples.  Although this already would benefit both our kingdoms we are willing to offer the first covert artifact we divine which we will divine and acquire at my own expense, to be delivered before springs end.  
EL - An introduction to the travels of Laerith Vhatha'Lil, a young maiden of Oakendell that has been granted leave as Voice and Eyes of the Elven Queen.


My birthname is Starborn and personal name is Laerith. I was named after Vhatha'Lil, Phoenix of the Northern Sky, but am not to be confused with an Elf of importance. Though born with starlight in my eyes and song in my heart; I have only known this earthly woods.

I suppose that is why I sought this task.

My family is quite undistinguished. We have always been weavers, farmers, and artists of no note. Our works have not inspired Dwarven tradesman; nor our songs unearthed Words of Magic; nor even, our fairness inspired a dalliance among the Rangers that sometimes visit our land. My father died when I was 73 and my mother followed him soon after. Both now look upon me from the Stars, and my life remains unseen, a stone beneath a mighty river.

I suppose that is why I volunteered.

I am young. I have little memory of The Age of Elves, that time long before Humans learned to build instead of making war. Before me, too, was the great strife between our kin, The Mistwalker, and The Demons of Yore. I've never witnessed the coming of the Ancients, whose eyes are said to speak truths no man sees; that they, too, are children of The Light, and older then all but the most ancient of our Eldar.

So much of our world outlives me. But around me, always, has been the memory of story.

And that is why I've left The Dells behind. W
hen I'm done, I hope to earn my name. When I return, I shall be as Vhatha herself, reborn; a child no longer.
Wow, people.  I claim the copyright to the full story of this contest!

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