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Idea off the top of my head
Please bear with me , it's my first game . I find "anonymous" gaming a bit frustrating but "full diplomatic" games are generally too hectics and wilds to my taste. What about an anonymous game where orders 341-348 would be authorized? Players would have to proportion their diplomatic involvement with their other activities and the deals wouldn't evolve faster than the game. What do you think? Would it be doable? Interesting?  
Orders 341-348 have been disabled in 2nd Cycle. We had one game using that as the only means of communication and it was fun. Rick has mentioned that he is considering revamping those orders and reactivating them, but I am not sure when he will have time to look into it as I hear he is currently knee-deep in 3rd Cycle development.
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I think this is a good idea.
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The 341-349 came out in the pre-internet days.  Its a bit archaic now. 

We've been experimenting with an in-between anonymous and unlimited diplomacy.  I think the best format for that is Magic - the team game - where you correspond with your teammates but no one else.  We also had a game called Independence where trade is restricted as are long term agreements and communication was lower.
I still wish we had an anonymous in-game communicator tool. Preferably something that didn't allow fill-in-the-blank, but forced you to choose from a limited number of options. Hell, I wouldn't mind if those options were mostly limited to smack talk. "Get out of my region!", "So sorry to hear about your Duke", "That is what happens when you attack the wrong kingdom. Remember turn 5??".

Clearly, this would be way down on the list of priorities even if it gained traction.
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Lol bring back the index cards and PDFs them as attachments. I wish I could find my old box with all those cards, game maps and turns. I am sure I have some old grudges with at least a couple of you!
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