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Game 157 - SVC eligible
The most puissant wizard, the Warlock, can be reached at
The Imperator of the Dark Elves can be reached at (the '0' is a zero)

-- Go Lolth or Go Home --
-This Khal Drogo, it's said he has a hundred thousand men in his horde
Finally got to see the Alamaze Order Entry and Validation page. It rocks; that is one awesome tool!
bananas (on the forums)
Arch-Mage of Entropy (in games)
             - Wanderer of Alamaze

Player nominated - 
157 - TR : Chancellor 
161 - AN : Chancellor & Iron Willed
The Sorcerer's might remains unseen, but we still listen to the cries of those who seek our counsel. Jumbie40 - a -

Also, all those doing business with the Warlock, beware. He offers no money back guarantee for when his toothless spells and brittle protections flounder, as they always do.
GN is available at
Anybody know where I can find a copy of the new rules with the #993 description explanation in them?
Look in rules & resources, in the general rules thread. 993 is discussed there, and not in the commands doc.
-The Deliverer
I am here for you, Jumbie. Even when you don't want me to be.
-The Deliverer
The order checker does not recognize my account number and thinks I want to change my consuls name. Hence will not connect and i can not submit orders, I have written support.
I played when it cost .22 cents to mail my turn to NC.
Avid forum reader, I have read it all.

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