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Emissary Move Cost
Here's a change I think should be made. Many of us experienced players will send out an emissary to an unknown spot because if it's vacant, they will bounce back at no cost. At worst, it's a free recon and order burn. But it's not logical.
Consider this - the cost of an emissary moving goes to hiring the transport, uprooting all their hangers-on and such. While it's true that the costs associated with setting up in a new pop center would not be present (getting a room at the fancy inn, procuring food, hiring prostitutes, etc.) would not happen, you'd have double the cost of paying the caravan guards, feeding the horses and such. Now that the order checker saves us much time, it does leave us enough to make sure we enter the correct pop center info. I think it's only right that all 350 orders burn the emissary cost, even failed ones.

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