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Reflecting on Game 100 - The First Alamaze Classic Game
(07-14-2013, 07:58 PM)Lord Diamond Wrote: I ended the game with:
- 10 artifacts worth 4,000 status points
- -- ELAN, FLAMING SWORD OF THE NORTH (from US with Staff)
- -- SWORD OF ALVINITAR (battle prize from SO)
- -- RING OF POWER (from US with Staff)
- -- DEMON BANE (From US)
- -- SHIELD OF HECTOR (battle prize from SO)
- -- PALANTIR REDJAK (from pc)
- -- STAFF OF THE GREAT ORATOR (from US with Staff)
- -- GEM OF PLANES (from US with Staff)
- 4 cities, 15 towns, and 12 villages
- Census of 894, 932, Food production of 104,098, and Gold production of 286,545.
- A treasury of 25, 930 Food and 297,973 Gold.
- 9 Demon Prince brigades and 35 skeleton brigades
- 1DE with 3 Warlords and worth 140,450 vs. population centers + 2 smaller groups
- a P7 (P-8 with Ring of power), P7, P6, P6, P5, P4, P2
- All four of my Demon Princes
- 9 prisoners, included a Sorcerer Duke and a Red Dragon L-8.

This game was a lot of fun and even the drama made it more interesting and exciting. Congratulations to the Elf, Morgan Kane, who will share the rule of Alamaze with me as Vice-Emperor. Wizards above P-2 (except for Demon Prince and Elven) are banned and all armies must be reduced to division size and transferred to Imperial command. What the new Alamaze lacks in joy and laughter will more than be made up for in pain and fear. Many will not survive my rule, but all can continue to serve in my undead legions.

Nice report, Diamond, and congratulations for the victory, and that's an impressive list of artifacts and progression. I wonder if you might post that report on the Facebook page - it certainly reflects the many facets of the game.

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